Stories By Michael Kuchar

Blockchain November 6, 2020

5 of Our Favourite UK Blockchain Companies

While many people believe that blockchain companies are exclusively associated with cryptocurrencies, this is not the ca...

US election November 3, 2020

Trump Vs. Biden – What Would Each Outcome Mean For The Markets?

For months now, the world has had her eyes set on the 2020 US elections.

--- September 22, 2020

Will Bitcoin Disrupt Trade in Mozambique?

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, is a digital currency or form of internet money without a physical form.

--- September 8, 2020

The US Presidential Nominees Who Have Strong And Positive Ties To Bitcoin

In this post, we will show you the US presidential nominees who have strong and positive ties to Bitcoin.

--- September 3, 2020

Crypto Regulation In Ghana - All You Should Know

Bitcoin has been a rave since its start date in 2009. It is over ten years now, and the world’s first cryptocurrency is...

--- August 11, 2020

Why Africa is Shaping Up To Be The Next Frontier for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has mostly been a speculation-driven asset struggling to find a major use case outside of exchange tradin...

--- June 5, 2020

How The Typical Cryptocurrency Investors Looks Like

Cryptocurrency investors are spread across the different countries of the world.

--- June 3, 2020

The Most Bitcoin-Friendly European Countries

The emergence of Bitcoin appears to be good news to people who subscribe to a cashless world and have been awaiting for...

--- June 1, 2020

Bitcoin Predictions: Expectation Versus Reality

Bitcoin predictions are a risky business since high volatility can mean short term wild swings. Still, few can doubt tha...

--- May 29, 2020

Why Cybersecurity is important for IoT?

IoT encompasses any device that is able to connect with the internet and transmit data. Examples are CCTV cameras, cars,...