Stories By Marcus Henry

Altcoins December 22, 2020

SaTT Smart Advertising Token Delivers On The Features Demanded by Gen Y (and Z)

Finance and economics have been a difficult subject matter amongst baby boomers and their millennial offspring.

Crypto December 3, 2020

The Influential Exchange Where Crypto Projects List Before Elite Exchanges Court Them

In a world full of the generic, droning and dull, we search for things that are unique, inspiring and create meaning in...

Crypto December 2, 2020

Top Korean Wallet Adds Electroneum As The Crypto Announces Major Global Expansion Of Cellular And Electric Top-Up Programs

To bottle lightning is to achieve the impossible; capturing successful outcomes despite insurmountable odds. Lately, it...

Flash Loan December 1, 2020

Flash Loan Dangers Make DeFi a Four-Letter Word

It is human nature to explore and become familiar with the world around us.

--- November 25, 2020

Daily Trading Volume For Popular MXC Leveraged ETF Just Exceeded A Record $400 Million

Leveraged ETFs are a popular financial product in the traditional finance market. In the crypto space, leveraged ETFs tr...

--- November 24, 2020

Lattice Exchange Is Building A DeFi Revolution

2020 is the year that everything and everyone went digital. COVID-19 has forced many to telecommute for work meetings an...

Blockchain November 23, 2020

HollyGold Is Leading The Charge In Blockchain-Based Entertainment

Whether you’ve noticed or not, there’s been a sharp rise in consumer preference for digital content since the dawn of th...

Electroneum November 19, 2020

Electroneum Knighted Seventh Executive Member Of Esteemed CryptoUK Board

What determines our place in society? This varies greatly when traversing across global social circles.

Electroneum November 13, 2020

Crypto-Based LockTrip Travel And Electroneum Partner To Eliminate The MiddleMan From Discount Travel Booking

With the rapidly forming ecosystem that is the blockchain community, many partnerships have recently been gilded.

Electroneum November 9, 2020

Strategy Through Segmentation: Electroneum Extends Move Into Online Gaming Industry With Host Havoc Collaboration

To ensure the growth and success of any novel invention, it is critical to find and serve your core audience.