The Influential Exchange Where Crypto Projects List Before Elite Exchanges Court Them

The Influential Exchange Where Crypto Projects List Before Elite Exchanges Court Them

In a world full of the generic, droning and dull, we search for things that are unique, inspiring and create meaning in our lives. At the core of it all is our own quest for individuality; to find our truth. It is our individuality that enriches the collective with new ideas and expands our scope of the world around us. It takes a careful eye and a keen understanding of the world to know when something is special when compared to the rest. 

MXC is a crypto exchange that has become a muse of sorts within the crypto community. It has become the first stop for many quality crypto projects which are later picked up by even larger exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and KuCoin. To date, MXC has listed over 150 crypto projects of which coins like AVA, RUNE, SNX, COMP, HIVE, BAL, DOT, KSM, DMG, and SXP were listed first before making their way to a larger exchange. 

The fact that so many successful crypto projects had their start with MXC is testament to the thoughtful procurement of assets for the exchange. Being selective with the projects that the exchange decides to list is key to their strategy. With the sheer number of crypto projects out there, MXC meticulously researches and qualifies the projects it wishes to list. Core criteria that the exchange uses for listing is around the crypto’s underlying technology, project leadership, operating model, fundamentals, security, and network scalability.

With a track record for listing only the best projects, MXC is where many crypto projects turn to first in their quest for adoption. Projects that are selected to list on the exchange do not take the selection lightly. Although the implications for these projects are large, the rapport MXC has built as a stepping stone for quality projects only helps the exchange to take an even better foothold amongst its competition as it looks to achieve growth as well.

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