Strategy Through Segmentation: Electroneum Extends Move Into Online Gaming Industry With Host Havoc Collaboration

Strategy Through Segmentation: Electroneum Extends Move Into Online Gaming Industry With Host Havoc Collaboration

To ensure the growth and success of any novel invention, it is critical to find and serve your core audience. These are the people who “get it.” They are the individuals who believe in the vision presented by the founders and loudly champion its purpose and viability, the early adopters and passionate advocates. Twas the case for the PC, the internet, and most recently; Bitcoin. Many companies have failed to succeed in achieving their vision simply because they do not capture and deliver to their core audience by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. But where many have failed, Electroneum stands to succeed by doubling down on their expansion into the online gaming industry.

Host Havoc is a top-five global gaming server provider. Last week Electroneum and Host Havoc broke news of a freshly inked partnership amongst the two companies. The new alliance allows over four million registered Electroneum (ETN) users to rent online gaming servers from Host Havoc. This includes access to 30 games including Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma3, Counter-Strike: Go, DayZ and Hytale. Servers are hosted from 11 globally-distributed locations across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia. 

For Host Havoc, this opens the doors to a new audience segment within the passionate crypto community. Host Havoc CEO and Founder, Clay Berndt, recently went on record to discuss his company’s excitement in welcoming Electroneum as an additional form of payment and offer their users the opportunity to use their ETN to rent some of the best servers in the industry:

"We look forward to working with Electroneum, a crypto project that has millions of users and one whose goal for financial inclusion aimed at the unbanked and developing countries we strongly support [and] we believe we can both benefit from our partnership”

Accepting ETN as a payment method provides yet another avenue for Electroneum to penetrate the multi-billion dollar global online gaming sector; an integral market segment that ETN is leveraging to gain meaningful traction towards its adoption roadmap. It was also very recently that online strategy game, Spinterlands, started accepting Electroneum payments as well. Electroneum CEO, Richard Ells, expressed his excitement with the news of the new partnerships in this space:

"Electroneum is experiencing true adoption, and we are very thrilled to see ETN as a payment method in the video gaming industry, such as with Splinterlands and now Host Havoc. We should see more of these integrations shortly.”

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According to their website, Host Havoc was founded in 2013 in Ottawa, Canada, by highly experienced tech experts who are also passionate gamers.

"We love to play the games that we host and have real experience operating these servers for mere fun," they add. "That translates to levels of understanding and passion that we guarantee you won't find anywhere else."

Their game-server hosting lineup includes the most popular hosting platforms. All services feature custom-tailored tools and features that they actively maintain for updates to both the game and third-party content. 

Server slots on Host Havoc start as low as $0.30, and monthly rentals at $5. They have 24/7 technical support, and utilize state-of-the-art host facilities and networks committed to 99.9% uptime and quality of service; all with their fast NVMe SSD and 4.5 GHz E-Series XEON processor-powered servers. Service includes a three-day money-back guarantee, instant server setup, complete control of your server, daily backups, enterprise-class infrastructure, easy configuration, free DDoS protection, and the ability to switch games at any time. They also include full FTP access and advanced settings and allow members to join their affiliate program where participants can earn a 12% recurring commission.

Best Game Hosting posted a 2020 review ranking of gaming servers providers. Host Havoc ranks second with a 4.6-star rating. 

"Looking at the different features, we found their control panel to be very handy with automatic updates, one-click mods and plugins installed, a gorgeous mod GUI and auto-updating mods… customer support is a stand-out feature… overall, Host Havoc has a great service, which we highly recommend." -Best Game Hosting

The focus around online gaming is growing for the three-year-old Electroneum. It has become quite clear that online gamers are seen as a crucial market segment to capture for Electroneum and the crypto industry as a whole in the years ahead. CEO of Splinterlands, Jesse Reich, recently discussed the parody and synergy present in the two communities, and the easy win for crypto adoption by means of online game integration. With a bold goal to help build awareness and enable the unbanked with revolutionary new opportunities to rise out of poverty, the crypto community will certainly watch closely to see if this move will help to onboard online gamers to use ETN and help achieve their bigger mission.

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