Blockchain Consultancy Hermetic Labs Launches To Help Companies & Investors Embrace Crypto & DeFi

Blockchain Consultancy Hermetic Labs Launches To Help Companies & Investors Embrace Crypto & DeFi

Blockchain advisory startup Hermetic Labs said today it’s ready to provide urgent and much-needed assistance to organizations looking to participate in the rise of Web3. It has just launched its blockchain consultancy service, with the aim of helping companies and individuals navigate the headache-inducing complexities that characterize the crypto industry. 

Hermetic Labs is led by Milana Valmont, who previously founded Kira Core, a hypermodular DeFi ecosystem startup that’s building a unified infrastructure stack for decentralized financial applications such as “staking-as-a-service”. She began her career in the traditional finance investing industry before moving into the blockchain industry, and has also pioneered what she calls a “self-hacking coaching method” that can help investors and traders to overcome their emotions and build wealth more efficiently. 

The launch of Hermetic Labs comes at the right time, as a growing number of organizations are striving to integrate blockchain technology into their products and services, so as not to miss out on the emerging Web3 trend. But due to a lack of experience and expertise, many companies struggle to know where to begin, hence the urgent need for a helping hand. 

That’s what Hermetic Labs intends to provide. It offers a comprehensive range of Web3-related consultancy services, with its central aim being to provide its clients with the knowledge and toolset needed to get started, and ultimately succeed with blockchain. It’s targeting a diverse clientele that includes individual investors who want to enhance their investment strategies, as well as businesses exploring blockchain’s potential to improve its business operations. 

Valmont said she’s committed to bridging the gap between individuals and cutting-edge blockchain technology. “Understanding that education is key to unlocking the transformative power of blockchain and increasing adoption, our services are designed to provide clients with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate and succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape,” she said. 

One primary area of focus for Hermetic Labs will be to assist trust funds and other institutions that are looking to diversify their investments into digital assets. At the same time as advising their crypto investing strategies, it will also provide clients with insights into blockchain and DeFi fundamentals. By educating its clients in this way, Hermetic Labs will give them the confidence to navigate the DeFi space and take advantage of the numerous opportunities it provides to savvy investors. 

Clients can take advantage of Hermetic Labs’ customized and flexible support programs, which range from one month to six months. In addition, the company is also offering “targeted consultations” for individuals and businesses that simply want to acquire strategic insights around blockchain integration and decentralized applications. Finally, it also provides structured learning resources for individuals that want to gain a deeper understanding of blockchain. 

With a proven track record that spans multiple executive roles and numerous successful blockchain projects, Valmont believes she has what it takes to establish Hermetic Labs as a leader in blockchain advisory and ultimately have a transformative impact on its client’s business growth. 

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