Alkimi Labs V2 Launch- Pioneering the Future of Decentralised Digital Advertising

Alkimi Labs V2 Launch- Pioneering the Future of Decentralised Digital Advertising

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Alkimi proudly announces the launch of their newest version of the Labs platform, a major upgrade set to transform the £600 billion digital advertising market through innovative decentralised technology. This launch marks an unparalleled opportunity for Web3 infrastructure to capture real-world revenue from Web2 businesses and services.

Alkimi Labs is a gateway to the world of decentralised advertising, allowing advertisers, publishers, and validators to view, query, and validate transactions. It is the engine that powers the Alkimi Ad Exchange.

Alkimi Labs V2 introduces key features that enhance the validator experience and network efficiency. Validators play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and reliability of ad transactions, fostering trust and efficiency in digital advertising. By becoming a validator, participants can help transform an inefficient legacy system into a transparent and efficient ecosystem. Additionally, validators are rewarded with $ADS tokens bought back with fees paid in fiat by ad exchange customers, giving stakeholders access to rewards generated by the multi-billion dollar advertising industry.

To run a validator, participants need to be registered and KYC'd on Alkimi Labs, and provide 50,000 ADS in collateral sent to a smart contract, ensuring a secure onboarding process. This guarantees the integrity and reliability of the network's validators. Registration to become a validator will begin in July at https://labs.alkimi.org/. The team will introduce a rewards estimator before registration to allow users to calculate potential rewards.

Alkimi's reward formula ensures revenue distribution to validators and liquidity providers, encouraging active participation in the ecosystem. This incentive structure attracts and retains high-quality participants, driving long-term growth and adoption.

In addition to these core features, the platform redesign includes a mobile-focused design, PWA compatibility, and Wallet Connect integration, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices. The integration of Wallet Connect means users of a wide range of wallets can join the decentralised adverse.

Chandru Narayana, CTO & Co-Founder 

“We are very excited to be launching Labs V2, revolutionising the digital ad ecosystem with cutting-edge Web3 technology. By leveraging Web3 wallets, consensus mechanisms, validators, along with distributed ledgers, liquidity and staking pools, smart contracts, and NFTs, we've created a secure, transparent, and scalable ad exchange. 

This platform is designed to meet the dynamic needs of all stakeholders - advertisers, publishers, users and token holders, and push the boundaries of what's possible in digital advertising. Moreover, it demonstrates our ability to tokenise any real-world asset beyond the digital ad ecosystem.”

Tokenising Real-World Assets with Alkimi. 

Alkimi tokenises and converts a $600bn industry into a Real-World Asset by validating ad impressions and putting the transactions on-chain. Alkimi Labs V2 offers all network participants unparalleled transparency, security, and yield-generation opportunities through running validators, staking and liquidity pools. 

Adam Chorley COO and Co-Founder of Alkimi, stated:

“Blockchain provides the ability to capture the billions of dollars generated by the digital advertising industry. The current centralised infrastructure creates huge inefficiencies and excessive costs for all participants. We can create a Real World Asset by capturing the value generated on-chain and distribute that to validators who help secure the network.”   

The Alkimi ad exchange is rapidly gaining traction, with the onboarding of major publishers and advertisers. Using Web3 principles, Alkimi aligns the incentives of ecosystem participants with platform success, fostering a sustainable and thriving digital advertising environment. The platform's fees, ranging from just 3-8%, drastically reduce costs and increase revenues by up to 10X compared to traditional AdTech models.

Ben Putley, CEO & Co-Founder of Alkimi, stated: 

“We are pioneering the future of digital advertising through a decentralised platform that empowers users. Our innovative approach to tokenising the digital ad market is setting new standards for transparency, efficiency, and rewards in the industry.”

With Alkimi, advertisers and publishers thrive in a fair and efficient marketplace, while users benefit from a better online experience.

For more information, visit www.alkimi.org 

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