SpaceCatch - The AR Game Many Did Not Know They Needed

SpaceCatch - The AR Game Many Did Not Know They Needed

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It’s not rare that you find things you do not even think you need, but they turn out exciting, valuable, or useful enough to improve your life. We are talking about anything in our lives, from a person, a change, a job, a new hobby, a product, or even a crypto game that, although newly launched, has already managed to steal the spotlight. 

Sometimes, we simply do not know we need something until it comes into our lives and changes our perspective. There are certain concepts that do so, and they differ from one person to another. 

And in a world full of opportunities, where you have thousands of ways to invest your funds, manage your investments, and grow your revenue, SpaceCatch emerged to prove that this activity can also be fun and engaging, and your imagination can be challenged in the blink of an eye.

But what is SpaceCatch, how does it work, and why is it special? Well, let’s see.

First, It’s a Crypto Game

SpaceCatch is a newly launched blockchain-based game that surprises crypto and gaming enthusiasts with stunning features and a token model that makes everything even better. The game was built by a team of dedicated developers, each being either an expert in the field or an enthusiast ready to contribute to the project. 

Being a crypto game, SpaceCatch benefits from the advantages offered by the blockchain on top of which it is built. Thus, SpaceCatch offers high security and transparency, decentralization, and, most importantly, the opportunity to actually own the in-game assets they receive. 

In the SpaceCatch game, the action takes place in the metaverse, in a universe quite similar to ours. The world was invaded by AI-driven aliens looking for a good place to mine biomass. In their opinion, Earth is suitable due to its lack of more intelligent life forms. 

Players are called Catchers and have the main goal of defeating the AI-driven aliens in order to restore peace on Earth. To achieve this, they can use various tools, such as shields, weapons (throwable, chargeable, projectile, melee, etc.), potions, and more. All the tools can be improved with the help of certain in-game assets. 

And That’s Not All - It Leverages Advanced Technologies

These days, simply developing a crypto game is not enough; you have to come up with something new and intriguing to keep users close for as long as possible.

Fortunately, SpaceCatch understood this and leveraged multiple advanced technologies to develop a truly bright final product. Thus, the game uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide customized gaming experiences to each and every user. 

This way, your experience with SpaceCatch will be entirely different from your friends, as it will be customized according to your preferences, behavior, decision-making process, combat style, decisions, and more. This will offer a better user experience and encourage you to progress quickly in the game. 

Furthermore, there is another bright advanced technology that SpaceCatch uses to improve the gameplay: AR (Augmented Reality). With the help of augmented reality, SpaceCatch manages to take in-game elements and smoothly introduce them into real-life surroundings. 

The AR features are available in the M2E (Move to Earn) game model available in the SpaceCatch ecosystem. The move-to-earn model allows users to earn in-game assets (tokens or other rewards) for performing various physical activities, such as running, walking, jogging, and more. 

So, when playing SpaceCatch in the move-to-earn game model, you can benefit from the AR features, thus having the opportunity to discover elements such as aliens or landscape elements right in front of them, in a park, a mall, their home, or basically any place where they can take their phone and launch the SpaceCatch app.

SpaceCatch Organizes a New Airdrop Season

For a crypto project, it is vital to develop concepts that can reward users and keep them incentivized. SpaceCatch has thought of several such benefits, including an exciting airdrop that has now reached the 2nd season. 

During the SpaceCatch airdrop, users can earn CATCH tokens by completing various simple tasks, such as watching videos, following the project on social media, retweeting certain tweets, and more. 

The airdrop is divided into weekly phases, and users who aim to participate are required to complete the tasks in time, as they are not retroactive (some used to be during season 1 of the airdrop). 

The prize pools for the SpaceCatch airdrops have always been surprising, managing to reward users with tens of thousands of dollars in total. Thus, if you aim to join the SpaceCatch ecosystem in the near future, doing it through such an intriguing airdrop can place you one step forward, offering you some CATCH tokens to use while just getting started with the game. 

Learn More

To discover more about SpaceCatch and its airdrop event, check out the project’s official website and look for new announcements and updates. Furthermore, follow SpaceCatch’s activity on Galxe, Discord, and Medium.


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