Ferrum Network Partners With Ordinals Lisbon at NFC 2024

Ferrum Network Partners With Ordinals Lisbon at NFC 2024

 Ordinals Lisbon, a premier segment of the NFC 2024 event, is set to illuminate the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes with the latest captivating art on the Bitcoin network. Scheduled for May 28-30, this conference promises to be one of the most prominent NFT events globally, bringing the Web3 community cutting-edge developments and artistic breakthroughs.

Ferrum Network, a leading blockchain infrastructure company, has partnered with the event, establishing a substantial presence with a dedicated space designed to engage and educate attendees. Within this expansive area, visitors will experience floor-to-ceiling immersive screens that bring the world of Bitcoin and Ordinals to life, offering an unparalleled educational journey.

Ordinals Lisbon will be a one-day conference, part of the five events at NFC 2024. The other events include the Non-Fungible Conference, MEMECON 2024, R3D CARPET AI Movie Festival, and Off Moga beach parties. Each event provides unique insights, networking opportunities, and immersive experiences. 

Ferrum Network's participation highlights its dedication to enhancing blockchain interoperability and translating complex technical concepts into sophisticated and accessible user journeys through immersive experiences. Its technology connects different blockchain platforms, enabling an environment in which developers can build applications on one network and deploy across all.

"Ferrum is excited to partner with Ordinals Lisbon at NFC 2024. It’s a premier event for Europe’s growing NFT community, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it,” said Taha Abbasi, CTO of Ferrum Labs and co-creator of the Ferrum Network protocol. “We’ll offer unique experiences that combine digital art and immersive education, enhancing attendees' understanding of Bitcoin and Ordinals."

The one-day conference will serve as a platform to explore and introduce the latest in Bitcoin Ordinals. The event will bridge the gap between the creative Ethereum art community and the growing Bitcoin Ordinals movements. It will feature over 200 speakers, including industry leaders and innovators. Taha Abbasi will deliver a keynote on blockchain technology and how Ferrum Network aligns with Bitcoin’s mission of freeing us from centralized corruption.

The event’s agenda is also packed with educational sessions, panel discussions, and live art performances from renowned artists like Leo Caillard, Dascanio, and Zironi Violetta. 

In addition to the main conference, Ordinals Lisbon offers various side events to enhance the overall experience. One highlight is the Pizza Ninjas Pool Party, a lively gathering for networking. 

One of the most notable aspects of the event is the Ordinals Passport, designed to guide participants through the conference. This physical and digital document, backed by Ferrum Network, will serve as a ticket to various activities and help track and reward users fairly. Ferrum and Pizza Ninjas will also be co-hosting a Pizza and Wine party at the conference itself, where winners will be announced for the most active Ordinal’s Passport participants. Attendees will also have the chance to try Ordinals branded wine from Ferrum.

The passport uses Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) to generate and assign passport numbers randomly. It is deployed using Arbitrum and ensures transparency and fairness in tracking user interactions and rewarding participation.

Overall, Ordinals Lisbon at NFC 2024 aims to provide an enriching experience, showcasing the latest in Bitcoin and Ordinals while offering a comprehensive educational journey. Ferrum Network's role as a partner underscores its commitment to collaboration over competitions in order to advance blockchain technology and foster a deeper understanding of Web3.

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