Saakuru Labs Nets $2.4 Million: Igniting GameFi Innovation With Saakuru Protocol

Saakuru Labs Nets $2.4 Million: Igniting GameFi Innovation With Saakuru Protocol

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Saakuru Labs announced its successful $2.4 million oversubscribed funding round — securing the future expansion of the Saakuru Protocol in the GameFi sector. This financial backing will aid the adoption and growth of the protocol as it sets out to ignite innovation within blockchain gaming. 

Led by Based VC and ARC Community, this funding round stands as a testament to the market’s confidence and belief in Saakuru’s potential impact in GameFi.

Funding Allocation

The capital secured by the funding round will primarily be used to develop Saakuru Protocol’s efficiency and scalability — bolstering its foundations to support over 40 new projects scheduled for 2024, including PlayGround by Worlds Beyond. This inclusion in the list of 40 is expected to drive significant user base growth and engagement.

Additionally, Saakuru Labs intends to introduce games like the thrilling Soccer Sage betting game and the popular Made by Apes game, Crypto Run. The incorporation of this diverse range of games — with PlayGround at the helm — ensures there is a game tailored to every user’s taste and challenge expectation.

Investor Support

The funding round had more impact than just raising capital, it also attracted the attention of major investors in the blockchain space including Kyber Network, PG Capital, and renowned angel investors, such as Ivan on Tech. 

The backing received from these reputable investors demonstrates even further confidence in Saakuru’s approach to GameFi and its potential contributions to the sector. Furthermore, this funding is accompanied by both industry connections and strategic direction that will fuel Saakuru’s ongoing developmental growth and impact in the GameFi market.

Saakuru Sees Rapid Adoption

Saakuru Protocol’s popularity is only growing, boasting over 430,000 wallets already active on its mainnet —  becoming the fourth-most active layer 2 (L2) solution in the space. This rapid adoption can be attributed to the performance displayed by the protocol and the stability it delivers to its users.

Putting the community first, Saakuru Protocol is further augmenting the user experience, promising that users can engage in the games it offers with zero transaction fees. This makes Saakuru the one-stop shop for all zero-fee GameFi needs and only accelerates its growth within the GameFi market.

A Fee-Free GameFi Future

Saakuru Labs plans to implement its innovative vision using this funding round, developing a robust and community-driven GameFi space that provides the transition from Web2 to Web3 in the blink of an eye.

As Saakuru Labs aims to bring about a completely new blockchain gaming experience to the GameFi sector, this injection of funding assures its future in the industry, and ensures enduring innovation for the years to come.

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