Dexalot Brings Its CEX-Like DEX Trading Platform To Ethereum L2 Arbitrum

Dexalot Brings Its CEX-Like DEX Trading Platform To Ethereum L2 Arbitrum

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The popular Avalanche-based decentralized exchange platform Dexalot is expanding its horizons by launching on Arbitrum, the Ethereum Layer-2 network that enables rapid transactions at scale atop of the world's number one smart contract blockchain. 

The announcement is a significant milestone for Dexalot as it represents the beginning of its planned expansion beyond the Avalanche ecosystem in which it was born. 

Dexalot is a novel DEX platform that uniquely looks and feels like a centralized exchange, primarily due to its implementation of a traditional central limit order book model for performing trades. It aims to provide DEX users with an alternative to the Automated Market Maker-based exchanges that dominate the decentralized trading world in DeFi. By using a CLOB architecture, Dexalot eliminates long standing problems associated with AMMs, such as high slippage and the uncertain price execution that results. 

Uniquely, the CLOB model makes it possible for traders to place limit orders at very specific prices, providing certainty that they'll either be processed at the required rate, or not at all. This is a materially different experience from traditional AMM-based DEX platforms that enables greater capital efficiency, similar to what traders can expect on a centralized exchange platform. 

When setting a limit order on Dexalot, users can specify the order size and price limit. Then, if their order matches another one in the order book, it will be executed immediately. Those that don't have a match will be placed in the order book, where they will wait for a compatible order. Users get more flexibility too, as they can choose if their taker orders are all-or-nothing. That's because Dexalot supports partly completed orders, where the unfulfilled amount is added to the order book. 

Dexalot has been up and running on Avalanche since February 2023 and having grown to become one of the most popular trading venues on that network, it says it's now ready to expand and grow its user base. It has already processed more than $1.1 billion in total transaction volume on Avalanche alone, and it's expected that this number will gain a significant boost from Arbitrum users. 

“We are very excited to expand Dexalot’s multichain order book with commingled liquidity to the Arbitrum community," said Dexalot Chief Operating Officer Tim Shan. "This is a major milestone for the Dexalot team, and we are very proud to achieve it on Arbitrum.”

Arbitrum users will find that Dexalot provides access to advanced trading features that aren't available on other DEX platforms. In addition, projects building on Arbitrum will gain access to a reliable, well-known platform for launching their native tokens. Dexalot says its non-custodial design makes it a great fit for Arbitrum, which claims to be one of the most decentralized Ethereum L2s. 

Arbitrum's senior partnerships manager Peter Haymond cited Dexalot's assurance of fairer pricing, deeper liquidity and enhanced capital efficiency as reasons for the community to be excited. "Offering a centralized exchange-like experience will move DeFi closer to mass adoption," he promised.

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