Wingalaxy Debuts As The First Winner-Takes-All Racing Game On Cronos

Wingalaxy Debuts As The First Winner-Takes-All Racing Game On Cronos

Blockchain games enthusiasts looking for a high stakes challenge could do a lot worse than to check out Wingalaxy, billed as the first “race-to-win” game to launch on the Cronos blockchain. The game has just gone live today, and it promises tons of adrenaline-fueled excitement for gamers, with the perfect blend of luck, skill, strategy and winner-takes-all dynamics. 

Wingalaxy is designed to deliver non-stop excitement around-the-clock, with a new race beginning every 15 minutes throughout the day. Each race permits up to 12 players to compete against one another on a first come, first served basis, and they’re free to stake as much as they want on the outcome. 

Players are required to put down at least 100 CRO ($15.37 at today’s prices) as an entrance fee, but there’s no maximum limit on the amount they want to put down. So they can add as much CRO to the entrance fee as they like, and the more they add, the greater their chance of winning the race. 

Adding more CRO increases the player’s “win rate”, which is a metric that determines their chances of winning. The more CRO added by the player, the greater the number of “tickets” they receive. The total amount of CRO from all 12 entrants in the race goes into a prize pool, with each player receiving a certain amount of tickets based on how much CRO they deposited into the prize pool. To ensure complete fairness and transparency, Wingalaxy makes use of Band Protocol’s novel Verifiable Random Function technology to select the winning ticket at random from all of those entered into the draw, with the lucky winner destined to finish the race in first place and take home the entire prize pool. 

As such, it’s apparent that the more CRO you pay into the prize pool, the more likely it is you’ll win the race. But at the same time, you’ll also stand to lose much more, so players need to consider very carefully how much CRO they’re willing to put down. The more entrants who’re in the race, the more complex the strategic element becomes. 

It’s a unique mechanism that sets Wingalaxy apart from similar race-to-win blockchain games, and the team behind the game has promised to enhance the excitement for racing fans, with future updates set to add more functionality in the coming weeks and months.

To play the game, players are required to connect a compatible wallet such as MetaMask, Brave, WalletConnect, Rabby Wallet or’s DeFi Wallet in order to pay the entry fee. If they win, the rewards will be deposited into the winner’s WinFund, which is an in-game wallet that enables users to manage their CRO funds easily. Players can reinvest their winnings back into the game, or withdraw their CRO at any time, with Wingalaxy taking a 12% cut from each withdrawal. 

Wingalaxy’s founder Astro said he chose to build on the Cronos chain because of its high transaction throughput and rapid transaction finality, which, combined with low fees, makes it the perfect platform for a racing game that literally never ends. It’s a simple yet innovative idea that helped Wingalaxy to be selected as part of the third cohort of Cronos’ $100 million-backed Accelerator Program, and it's sure to add some much-needed excitement to Cronos’ nascent blockchain gaming ecosystem. 

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