Palm Collective and Obscura Community Celebrate Womxn’s Month With Artist Showcase

Palm Collective and Obscura Community Celebrate Womxn’s Month With Artist Showcase

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The Palm Collective, the organization supporting creative community development on the Palm Network, has announced a collaboration with the Obscura community. To mark Womxn’s Month, the two organizations are inviting creators to submit their work – regardless of the artist’s gender identity.

Womxn’s Month takes place every March and is celebrated through a diverse program of cultural events. Obscura is a new platform that’s launched on the Palm Network with a focus on social within web3. It’s a natural ally for the Palm Collective to collaborate with on its latest creator program. 

A Call to Creators Everywhere

The Call x Digital Art: Egalitarian Utopia initiative serves as a rallying cry to creators the world over. It provides an opportunity for digital artists to gain exposure for their work and to develop their portfolio. To participate, applicants are required to mint their artwork on the Palm Network and submit their entry by March 22. A curatorial committee will then consider all submissions.

The best entries, as determined by the committee, will be displayed in New York’s Lume Studio at the start of April. 15-20 entries will be selected for the exhibition by the quartet of judges who make up the curatorial committee.

While the greatest incentive for participating is the potential to gain greater exposure, it’s not the only reason why artists might consider applying. The Palm Foundation will also award $1,000 to the artists who receive the most votes and will grant them a prominent window display that overlooks Broadway Avenue on April 1.

Breaking Barriers Through Art

The Palm Collective has earned a reputation for championing unknown artists whose obscurity is uncorrelated with their talent. In other words, it provides a leg up for digital creators, giving them a platform to receive the attention their original art warrants. While the Palm Network provides the infrastructure to facilitate this, the Palm Collective is less about the tech and more about the social good it can effect in the world. 

It has a history of working with historically marginalized communities, and thus its decision to celebrate Womxn’s Month came naturally. While the initiative being hosted in conjunction with the Obscura community is open to everyone, encouraging more female creators to share their art is one of the many benefits it bestows. 

Obscura, for its part, specializes in providing community support to web3 creators, particularly those whose speciality is photography. By expanding the opportunities for artists to get their work out there, it can foster passionate creative communities that are incentivized to work together for the collective good.

For creators interested in participating in the Egalitarian Utopia initiative that marks Womxn’s Month, the window for submissions runs from March 11 to March 22. The curation period will then kick off on March 23 and wrap up two days later. The winning entries will have their artwork displayed at Lume Studios for one day during the Egalitarian Utopia Closing Party.

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