Laika Memecoin Announces Its Moon Mission, Launching a Dog Into Low Orbit

Laika Memecoin Announces Its Moon Mission, Launching a Dog Into Low Orbit

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Laika, the first community-driven Solana memecoin SuperVerse, is announcing its Moon Mission – they will send a dog to Earth's only natural satellite. In the campaign's first phase, the project will launch Laika into low orbit around March 20th, 2024, depending on weather conditions.

The community campaign's current stage is held between March 11th and March 18th, 2024. During this period, Laika automatically fills a helium balloon with each purchase of the memecoin. The event will be streamed live and will reach its objective after growing Laika's fully diluted valuation (FDV) to $500 million. As the goal is hit, the dog will be sent into Earth's low orbit. Soon after the flight, the project will start its token generation event between the end of March and early April 2024.

However, Laika's low orbit flight is only the first step in the memecoin's ambitious mission. After the digital asset's FDV reaches $1 billion, the dog will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS). Finally, the mission will conclude when Laika becomes the first memecoin’s dog to land on the Moon. The latter flight will take place when the memecoin's FDV increases to $10 billion.

With its Moon Mission, Laika's goal is to showcase that an organized community can join its forces in a collective effort to achieve something remarkable. Spanning continents, the organization connects members from 14 countries, with the majority possessing only limited crypto knowledge before showing interest in the memecoin. By accomplishing something as significant as a Moon landing, the project also seeks to prove that memecoins are not the evil scourge of the crypto industry. On the contrary, they present a clear path to Web3 mass adoption.

Besides the Moon Mission, Laika fosters crypto mass adoption through its SuperVerse, which interconnects the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Its flagship products include free-to-play mobile games, cutting-edge 2D/3D/AR NFTs backed by DeFi functionality, and charity programs to build dog shelters around the world. Also, Laika Wallet provides users with unmatched security and lightning-fast transactions. At the core of its ecosystem lies the Laika Foundation, which strives to create the largest crypto meme community – decentralized and inclusive. 

Laika’s unique token distribution model includes a community-driven reward system to foster engagement and participation within its ecosystem. As part of the program, users can earn an APY of up to 20% via native token staking and stake NFTs to receive boosts and enhance benefits. The project will also hold regular pool ruffles to offer participants a chance to win rewards in popular memecoins like DOGE, SHIB, and BABYDOGE. A point system will provide users daily claims and in-game feats.

Laika - a unique memecoin

Laika is the first community-driven Solana memecoin SuperVerse. The project seeks to unite the community and to prove that memecoins are not the industry's evil scourge but a catalyst for mass crypto adoption. The SuperVerse fills an important gap between the Web2 and Web3 worlds, featuring NFT-powered free-to-play mobile games, cutting-edge 2D/3D/AR NFTs, charity initiatives, a community-driven reward system, and a secure and convenient wallet. Laika’s token distribution model is unique, and the project puts a great emphasis on inclusivity and decentralization.

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