QuickNode Empowers Enterprises To Build On Blockchain with zkSync

QuickNode Empowers Enterprises To Build On Blockchain with zkSync

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Blockchain infrastructure provider QuickNode has made a significant stride in enhancing enterprise data privacy by launching support for zkSync hyperchains, in collaboration with Matter Labs, the pioneer developer of zkSync. This move comes as QuickNode aims to enhance the development of applications on its platform,  with hyperchains set to become a vital addition to its suite of custom chains.

In a press release this Thursday, QuickNode stated the support of zkSync hyperchains will provide its clients with the “best-in-class blockchain solution”, welcoming legacy companies and enterprises to the blockchain space. QuickNode's integration of hyperchains in its supported custom chains empowers clients to access fast and scalable zk technology on demand, boosting overall data privacy within the QuickNode blockchain network.

“We're excited to expand our partnership with Matter Labs, incorporating their zkSync hyperchains into the QuickNode platform,” stated Jason Hunt, VP of Ecosystem at QuickNode. “Hyperchains introduce a unique blend of scaling, user experience, and privacy enhancements, critical for powering the next wave of adoption across the rollup ecosystem.”

Additionally, hyperchains will provide users with high scalability, trustlessness and high performance in speed and security, allowing some of the biggest global companies to deliver custom blockchain solutions to their customers. 

Hyperchains is a relatively new technology in the blockchain space. Offered by zkSync, the technology offers hyper-scalable, interoperable, custom, and fully sovereign zk-chains running on the top of Layer-1 or Layer-2 networks while being interconnected, without losing the security and finality properties that Layer 1 chains possess. 

The combination with QuickNode is set to usher in a new stage in enterprise entering the blockchain space, as Hunt explained:

“Combined with QuickNode's Custom Chain technology, we enable both startups and enterprises to launch and scale blockchains, tailor-made for their specific use cases and requirements."

QuickNode Welcomes Enterprises to Develop on Blockchain

Renowned for their scalability, speed, and low cost, hyperchains on QuickNode opens doors to a myriad of use cases for global companies, providing high-speed and cost-effective solutions compared to traditional L1 blockchains. Additionally, the technology will narrow the rift that blockchain-hostile enterprises had on Web 3 technology, crucially, issues with blockchain being too slow or too expensive to use.  

In a speech on the integration of hyperchains on QuickNode, Vassilis Tziokas, Head of Enterprise at Matter Labs, spoke on the importance of this technology stack and how it greatly impacts the adoption of Web 3 and blockchain technology across enterprises. 

“Hyperchains are a great gateway for enterprises to onboard in the web3 ecosystem through a technology stack that can be customized to meet their specific needs," Tziokas said. "In order to expand adoption of blockchain and zk technologies in the enterprise space, it is important that companies like QuickNode support the seamless development of hyperchains, making them available to a wider community."

By providing a fast and hyper-scalable platform to build on, hyperchains unlock several capabilities and use cases for these global companies. The growth of hyperchains across blockchain solutions such as QuickNode will offer enterprises, builders and developers across various industries the capability to build futuristic businesses and applications on blockchains. Enterprises utilizing hyperchains can create blockchain solutions covering gaming, AI, SportsFi, and much more within a fast and highly secure environment.

Notwithstanding, hyperchains provide users with similar security levels on L1 chains while being faster and more scalable, allowing companies to build solutions for millions of people. In addition, hyperchains also offer better data security, which makes QuickNode a better option to host enterprise use cases in comparison to Layer 1 chains.  This enables businesses to create blockchain-powered products while remaining compliant, with assurances that users’ personal data is protected against malicious attacks.

Finally,  hyperchains built on QuickNode infrastructure are highly configurable and interoperable with cross-chain functionality and shared liquidity options. This creates an end-to-end ecosystem of platforms, allowing enterprises to leverage capabilities and liquidity from other platforms on QuickNode, providing access to an integrated ecosystem of web3 services, tailored to meet specific enterprise needs. 

This collaborative effort between QuickNode and Matter Labs marks a significant step forward in advancing enterprise data privacy and unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology for businesses worldwide.

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