Playnance’s UPVSDOWN Is Leading in GameFi Transactions on Polygon PoS Network

Playnance’s UPVSDOWN Is Leading in GameFi Transactions on Polygon PoS Network

iGaming products from B2B Web3 platform Playnance are making impressive strides on the Polygon PoS Network: the studio’s leading project, UPVSDOWN, has become the number one game on the network in terms of transaction numbers. The game also ranks within the top ten across all blockchains. 

Demonstrating remarkable engagement, UPVSDOWN processes 50,000 transactions daily on the Polygon PoS, with over 425 million MATIC distributed in just six months of operation. Overall, the top 10 GameFi projects on the Polygon PoS currently had over 300K unique active wallets in January, according to DappRadar. These figures highlight the growth of the GameFi market and underscore the Polygon ecosystem's suitability for such projects due to its speed, scalability,  security, infrastructure, and developer support. 

A leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, Polygon Protocols integrate blockchain technology into gaming and financial applications through its various tools and frameworks. Its high-performance network ensures that games and financial transactions are processed quickly and efficiently, which is crucial for maintaining user engagement and satisfaction. The low transaction fees associated with the Polygon PoS Network make it economically viable for developers to build and operate dApps, including GameFi products like Playnance's UPVSDOWN.

From Playnance's perspective, using the Polygon PoS Network is critical to enhancing its product offerings. The network’s speed and scalability allow Playnance to process real-time payouts and provide easy wallet connectivity for its users. These features can improve the onboarding experience for traditional users, making GameFi platforms more user-friendly for a broader audience. 

The success of UPVSDOWN demonstrates the potential of iGaming to lead the way in reimagining the GameFi market. Nearly 75% of all Web3 games have failed in the last five years due to the lack of real utility. This is where decentralization is truly needed, and iGaming projects like UPVSDOWN provide this by introducing complete transparency and ownership of in-value assets. 

Playnance Studio sees iGaming as more than a trend; it's a viable path forward for the sector, which will help onboard crypto enthusiasts and newcomers.

“At Playnance, we aim to develop products like UPVSDOWN that appeal to a broader segment of users, not just Web3 or crypto users. Our iGaming projects are simple and intuitive with no learning curve, so users can simply jump in and receive an enjoyable and financially rewarding gaming experience,” says Saeb Dwairy, CEO of UpVsDown.  

With the GameFi market projected to reach $48.83 billion by 2028, the contributions of Playnance Studio and the technological capabilities of the Polygon ecosystems are setting new standards for what games can offer. Beyond mere entertainment, the next wave of GameFi products on the Polygon blockchain will likely provide players with real financial value, showcasing blockchain technology's transformative potential and starting a new chapter in Web3 gaming. 

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