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Moralis Adds Support For Polkadot’s Moonbeam Parachain

Moralis Adds Support For Polkadot’s Moonbeam Parachain

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Web3 development platform Moralis announced it had added support for Moonbeam Network, the go-to destination for multi-chain applications on Polkadot across its Application Programming Interface (API). 

The addition of support for the Moonbeam Network will help developers build projects for the Moonbeam ecosystem using Moralis APIs. 

Moralis Adds Moonbeam Network Support 

Moralis’ goal is to help developers tackle issues faced when transitioning from Web2 systems to decentralized blockchain apps through its APIs. Developers can use the Moralis APIs to build or integrate new projects into existing decentralized applications. Moralis APIs power some of the biggest projects in Web3, including MetaMask, Opera, and They are also cross-chain compatible, enabling developers to build dApps on their favorite chains. 

With the integration, Moonbeam developers can take advantage of the full stack of APIs offered by Moralis. For example, they can incorporate wallet functionalities through Moralis’ Wallet API and access comprehensive token price data, NFTs, transactions, real-time on-chain activities, user engagement, market insights, and trend data. The collaboration also opens up Polkadot to other networks because developers on different chains will be able to integrate Moonbeam support for various decentralized applications through Moralis. 

“Moonbeam offers familiar tools and integrations, easing the transition for Ethereum developers into the Polkadot ecosystem​.”

Streamlining Development Of Top-Tier dApps 

Moralis CEO Ivan Liljeqvist added that the integration would help streamline the creation of top-tier dApps for the larger crypto ecosystem, giving users and developers the best of both worlds: an amazing platform and world-class APIs. 

“We couldn’t be happier to launch support for the Moonbeam network. With Moonbeam and Moralis, you get the best of both worlds: an amazing platform to develop dapps on and world-class APIs streamlining the entire process. We look forward to seeing what amazing projects our Moonbeam support will bring to life,”

Moonbeam’s head of operations highlighted the partnership’s importance for developers, adding that it would support developers who align with Moonbeam’s vision of creating an integrated Web3 ecosystem. 

“Moonbeam is very pleased to support the integration of Moralis APIs. This partnership will expand opportunities for our builders and provide greater support for the passionate developers who share Moonbeam’s vision of creating a truly integrated Web3 ecosystem. It has been a privilege to work with the Moralis team on this integration, and it is our pleasure to welcome them officially into the Moonbeam community.”

Moralis raised $40 million in 2022 in a Series A funding round with several notable investors, including Coinbase Ventures. Since the fundraise, Moralis’ API has secured adoption from some of the biggest names in the Web3 ecosystem.

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