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Microstrategy Pivots To Bitcoin Development, Champions BTC As Ultimate Investment

Microstrategy Pivots To Bitcoin Development, Champions BTC As Ultimate Investment

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Microstrategy’s executive chairman, Michael Saylor, has announced that his company will be refocusing its objectives entirely on Bitcoin development, which he claims is the “world’s most popular investment asset.” 

Saylor Hails BTC As Global Investment Favorite

Microstrategy, the business intelligence firm, under the leadership of its executive chairman Michael Saylor, has solidified its stance on Bitcoin as the ultimate investment asset. In a recent interview, Saylor explained why Bitcoin has already evolved to be the numero uno of investment assets on a global level.

Saylor emphasizes Bitcoin's unique features, highlighting its lack of correlation to traditional risk assets and immunity to various external factors like geopolitical tensions and business performance metrics. These qualities have further fueled the demand for Bitcoin as an investment instrument.

Bitcoin's Market Dynamics After Spot ETF Launch

On Monday, the premier crypto experienced a 26-month high by hitting the much-awaited $50,000 mark. Saylor has attributed this momentous achievement to the quick stabilization following the launch of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

He pointed out that the significant demand that Bitcoin has from ETFs surpasses the supply from natural sellers like miners. This dynamic has led to a remarkable 13% growth in Bitcoin's value over the past 30 days, reinforcing its position as a highly sought-after investment.

According to Saylor, the accessibility of Bitcoin through ETFs has unleashed around ten years of pent-up demand from mainstream investors. This accessibility factor has been a major driver in boosting Bitcoin's market value.

Transition to Bitcoin Development 

Saylor's decision to refocus MicroStrategy's efforts toward Bitcoin development aligns with the company's strategy to accumulate more Bitcoin while promoting the growth of the Bitcoin network. He asserts that MicroStrategy should be recognized as a Bitcoin development company, given its significant enterprise value derived from Bitcoin-related activities.

Saylor highlights MicroStrategy's model, which offers greater flexibility than traditional investment trusts. The company aims to leverage capital markets, generate cash flow, and focus on software development while accumulating more Bitcoin for its shareholders.

MicroStrategy's BTC Accumulation Strategy

MicroStrategy began investing in Bitcoin in 2020 with a $250 million purchase, followed by consistent accumulation at an average cost of $31,224 per Bitcoin. Currently holding 190,000 BTC, valued at over $9 billion, MicroStrategy's Bitcoin holdings represent nearly 1% of the circulating supply.

Saylor’s unwavering commitment to Bitcoin reflects his confidence in the cryptocurrency as the ultimate investment asset.  

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