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Tuttle Capital Files for 200% Leverage With 6 New Bitcoin ETFs

Tuttle Capital Files for 200% Leverage With 6 New Bitcoin ETFs

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ETF issuer Tuttle Capital filed for six leveraged Bitcoin ETFs on January 3 with the SEC, which will offer users magnified returns.

Tuttle Capital's Bold Move

Investment firm Tuttle Capital has made a significant move in the crypto space by filing for six leveraged Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) on January 3. While the crypto community in the US eagerly awaits the approval of the first Bitcoin ETFs, Tuttle Capital is taking it a step further with an approach to magnify investments by up to 200%.

The Six Proposed ETFs

The six ETFs Tuttle Capital put forward consist of long and inverse leveraged options. The long options include T-REX 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x Long Spot ETFs, while the inverse options comprise T-REX 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x Inverse Spot Bitcoin Daily Target ETFs. These ETFs aim to provide users with magnified returns, seeking daily inverse or leveraged investment results ranging from 150% for the 1.5x product to 200% for the 2x product.

The asset manager has not disclosed specific details, such as tickers or fees related to the proposed ETFs. However, Tuttle Capital plans an effective date of March 18, 2024. This move indicates Tuttle Capital's commitment to leveraging the potential of Bitcoin in the ETF market.

Reference Asset And Other Details

Tuttle Capital's proposed leveraged Bitcoin ETFs will use the iShares spot Bitcoin ETF as a reference for pricing. However, the filing notes that the reference asset may change in the future, keeping flexibility in their approach. The firm initially intends to utilize the iShares Bitcoin Trust for swap agreements.

This filing comes on the heels of Tuttle Capital already having five ETFs listed in the market, showcasing the firm's active participation in the ETF landscape. The proposed leveraged Bitcoin ETFs represent Tuttle Capital's strategic move to capitalize on the growing interest in Bitcoin.

Unprecedented Event in Finance

With the anticipation surrounding the approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, there is speculation about potential market reactions. The excitement in the market could lead to a sell-off once the final approval is granted. While the timing of the ETF approval is reasonably predictable, the real unknown factor is the extent of institutional demand and how quickly it will materialize.

The upcoming Spot Bitcoin ETF announcement is unprecedented in the financial world. This is the first time ever that multiple ETFs have awaited approval simultaneously for a new asset class like Bitcoin. Therefore, Tuttle Capital's proposal for six leveraged Bitcoin ETFs marks a bold step in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investments. 

As the crypto community eagerly watches for further developments, the market remains in anticipation of the potential impact of these leveraged ETFs on the broader crypto and financial markets.

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