EOS Network Ventures Leads $1M Investment In EZ Swap

EOS Network Ventures Leads $1M Investment In EZ Swap

EZ Swap, creator of a decentralized game NFT DEX and smart inscription protocol, said this week it has closed on a $1 million strategic investment round led by the EOS Network Foundation’s EOS Network Ventures fund, with participation from other investors including IOBC Capital and Momentum Capital. 

The round, which included a $500,000 investment from ENV, will help EZ Swap to boost liquidity and demand for gaming assets within the EOS blockchain ecosystem while expanding its technical capabilities. 

EZ Swap is a leading innovator in the realm of blockchain gaming asset transaction and inscription technologies. It has created an innovative Automated Market Maker mechanism that can be integrated within any blockchain gaming platform to create a more efficient asset trading environment that will enhance liquidity and create new opportunities for both developers and gamers. 

By integrating with EZ Swap, blockchain games can more easily overcome the problems related to minimal capital, offering more effective capital utilization and paving the way for a more dynamic trading environment. With its multichain deployment strategy that extends from Ethereum to Polygon, Arbitrum, zkSync, Manta and, now, EOS EVM, EZ Swap has gained a significant first-mover advantage across each of those blockchain ecosystems. 

With its investment, ENV said it aims to support EZ Swap in its mission, which entails trying to democratize access to gaming assets and inscriptions. The platform wants to make them more accessible and efficient for blockchain gamers across multiple networks. By integrating with EOS, EZ Swap will ensure value is directed back into the network, helping to attract new users and foster the development of new and innovative games built atop of what remains one of the most performant decentralized networks. 

ENV has emerged as one of the most important venture capital funds supporting the EOS network, with a mission of attracting investment and deploying new capital that benefits its ecosystem as a whole. To that end, ENV is focused on investing in numerous new projects that aid in fulfilling this vision. It believes EZ Swap will play a key role in facilitating this vision, serving as the foundation of a more efficient gaming asset economy within EOS. 

Yves La Rose, the director of ENV and founder and Chief Executive of the ENF, said he is thrilled to be able to partner with EZ Swap, as the two projects share the same vision of shaping the future of blockchain gaming. “EZ Swap’s innovative approach to NFT exchange and inscription technology will bring unprecedented value and opportunities to our community, and we’re excited to see where this collaboration will lead us,” he said. 

One of the most immediate innovations the EOS community will see as a result of this funding round is the introduction by EZ Swap of a new and innovative NFT perpetual contract market, which is aimed at increasing participation in NFT projects. With this development, EZ Swap is attempting to increase the scope of trader involvement in asset pricing, in order to create more dynamic and inclusive in-game trading environments. 

EZ Swap is also looking to revamp its user interface and protocol capabilities to ensure a more seamless, user-friendly experience for gamers and developers alike. In addition, it’s aiming to pioneer new advances in smart inscription protocols to help blockchain game NFTs leverage this exciting new technology. 

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