Explore These Fastest-Growing Cryptocurrencies In December 2023

Explore These Fastest-Growing Cryptocurrencies In December 2023

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The cryptocurrency market is currently undergoing a significant upswing, notably evidenced by the recent surge in Bitcoin's value in light of the latest filings for Bitcoin ETFs by major financial firms, BlackRock and WisdomTree. The rising interest from institutional investors has injected optimism into the digital assets sector – in such a positive climate, four altcoins have distinguished themselves with their impressive growth trajectories in December 2023: Osmosis (OSMO), Internet Computer (ICP), Injective (INJ), and ScapesMania. 

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Osmosis (OSMO): Surging Trading Volume and Network Activity

Recently, Osmosis (OSMO), a prominent player in the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem, has shown impressive performance: the token witnessed a significant rally, soaring over 100% in the past month. Osmosis (OSMO) has not only established itself as the preferred decentralized exchange for Cosmos assets, but has also evolved into a widely used layer-1 chain, hosting numerous DeFi applications.

The Osmosis (OSMO) price currently oscillates between $0.889 and $1.734. Its 10-day Moving Average stands at $1.37, while the 100-day Moving Average is at $0.987. The token has found support at the $0.412 level and faces resistance at $2.102 and $2.947.

Looking ahead, Osmosis (OSMO) appears poised for further expansion, particularly with its anticipated merger with UX Chain – this partnership is expected to enhance the DeFi ecosystem within Cosmos more comprehensively. However, it confronts several challenges on this path: to maintain its current valuation, Osmosis (OSMO) has to sustain momentum in both user engagement and transaction volume growth.

Internet Computer (ICP): A Mix of Bullish and Bearish Signals

Internet Computer (ICP) has recently experienced a significant price surge of 90%, successfully overcoming two major resistance levels. Despite the bullish trend indicated by the Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the weekly time frame, which reflects strong market sentiment, the short-term price action and RSI exhibit bearish tendencies.

As of now, the trading range of Internet Computer (ICP) lies between $6.34 and $13.26. The 10-day Moving Average is currently at $10.1, while the 100-day Moving Average is positioned at $6.33. The support level for the asset is established at $2.2. On the other hand, it encounters resistance at $16.03 and $22.94.

Looking ahead, the trajectory of Internet Computer (ICP) seems poised for an upward trend, particularly if it continues to hold above vital support levels. A robust recovery from the short-term support level might lead to a 40% increase, potentially reaching the yearly high of $11.9. However, the presence of bearish indicators in the short term suggests that Internet Computer (ICP) may face difficulties in maintaining its current growth momentum. 

Injective (INJ): Assessing the Bullish Trend and Key Levels

Injective (INJ) has exhibited impressive performance in 2023, with its price soaring by nearly 2,700% – this increase was particularly striking last week when token rose by almost 50% following a significant increase in Perpetual Futures trading on the Injective Protocol which surpassed $25.5 billion. Although the weekly chart indicates a potential continuation of Injective's (INJ) upward trend,  some signs of weakness are apparent in the daily timeframe.

Currently, Injective (INJ) is trading within the range of $31.53 to $39.71. Its 10-day Moving Average stands at $38.15, while the 100-day Moving Average is at $33.74. The asset has established support levels at $18.05 and $26.22 and is encountering resistance at $42.57 and $50.74.

Looking ahead, the future of Injective (INJ) seems promising, if its current trajectory is maintained. However, a weekly close below the $20 support level could significantly alter this bullish outlook. The $40 level is pivotal as breaching this threshold could lead to a further extension of the current upward trend. 


In December 2023, the crypto market experienced a dynamic shift with Osmosis (OSMO), Internet Computer (ICP) and Injective (INJ) emerging as significant players. Osmosis (OSMO) has garnered attention due to its rapid growth and strategic positioning within the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem; meanwhile, the Internet Computer (ICP) has shown recent bullish signals, although these are juxtaposed with bearish ones, indicating a potentially lucrative yet uncertain future despite its recent price surge; Injective (INJ) stands out with a remarkable 2,700% price increase in 2023, driven by a boost in Perpetual Futures trading, but there are risks such as volatility and risks associated with its rapid growth. Along with the emerging ScapesMania, all these cryptocurrencies are actively reshaping the crypto landscape.

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