Best Cryptocurrencies to Battle an Economic Crisis

Best Cryptocurrencies to Battle an Economic Crisis

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Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Aptos (APT), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA) and ScapesMania stand at the forefront of the approaching altcoin season, spearheading the entire crypto market against economic challenges with resilience. Specifically, Ethereum (ETH) is poised for substantial growth stemming from an impending upgrade to EIP-4844 – the development expected to not only bolster its transaction capabilities, but also augment its market share. This can even help the altcoin king surpass Bitcoin as early as 2024. 

Mirroring the broader market sentiment, JPMorgan's analysis reinforces the optimistic outlook for Ethereum (ETH). Thanks to their innovative features and growing adoption, leading altcoins are increasingly seen as viable tools, not just mere fiscal options, to confront and navigate economic crises. This perception persists despite the inherent volatility and cautious speculation about the future of BTC.

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Ethereum (ETH): A Leap Towards Efficiency and Adoption

JP Morgan analysts predict that Ethereum (ETH), the pioneering smart contract platform, will outperform Bitcoin by 2024. This can happen after a significant EIP-4844 upgrade takes effect, potentially bolstering efficiency for Ethereum (ETH) through reduced transaction costs and subsequently boosting its adoption rate.

Ethereum (ETH) currently fluctuates between $1841 to $2199. Its 10-day moving average stands at $2292, while the 100-day moving average is at $1838. The support levels are identified at $1272 and $1630, with resistance levels standing at $2347 and $2705.

With the EIP-4844 upgrade, Ethereum (ETH) investors anticipate a catalytic price surge to the range between $3,400 and $3,800 in early 2024. Though potential market corrections may come to the surface, those efficiency improvements that we expect will predominantly impart a bullish trajectory.

Solana (SOL): Navigating Through Market Fluctuations

Solana (SOL) experienced a significant price surge following its integration with major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance (BNB) which notably expanded its market presence. Effectively, Solana's SPL tokens are currently trading on these platforms.

The Solana (SOL) price range is currently between $42.09 and $74.4. The 10-day moving average is at $71.17 and the 100-day moving average is at $38.88. Token has a support level at $24.89 and faces resistances at $85.34 and $115.56.

All the recent developments and integrations hint at a positive outlook for Solana (SOL), nevertheless, one should vigilantly observe their ongoing influence on the Solana (SOL) market performance and ascertain whether the recent gains are really sustainable.

Aptos (APT): Defying Market Expectations

Despite unlocking a significant portion of its tokens, Aptos (APT) has displayed remarkable resilience with its price surging to a six-month high. In defying the typical market reaction to an influx in token supply, this trend stands out as exceptional.

The current price range for Aptos (APT) is between $6.08 and $8.16. Its 10-day moving average is at $8.27 and the 100-day moving average is at $6.36. Aptos (APT) has support levels at $3.11 and $5.19, as well as resistance levels at $9.35 and $11.43.

Regardless of the potential for escalating supply pressure, the recent performance of Aptos (APT) indicates a robust market interest. This enthusiasm may persist in propelling its price upwards, however, vigilant monitoring of market dynamics remains imperative.

Ripple (XRP): Charting a Historic Bull Flag

Historically, Ripple (XRP) has formed its largest bull flag to date – this formation is significant, mostly because altcoin has consistently performed below its all-time high of $3.84.

The Ripple (XRP) price fluctuates between $0.538 and $0.711. The 10-day moving average is at $0.64, and the 100-day moving average is at $0.567. Support levels are at $0.298 and $0.471, with resistance being at $0.815 and $0.988.

The bull flag formation suggests a potential for the Ripple (XRP) price’s strong upward movement, however, one should consider a myriad of external factors including the resolution of ongoing regulatory challenges.

Cardano (ADA): Riding the Bullish Wave

In just 14 days, Cardano (ADA) has surged by an impressive 75% – this upward trajectory aligns with the broader bullish trend that we are now witnessing across the whole crypto market.

The Cardano (ADA) price hovers between $0.443 and $0.696. The 10-day moving average is at $0.647 and the 100-day moving average is at $0.483. Altcoin has support levels at $0.038 and $0.291, as well as resistance levels at $0.798 and $1.052.

The recent performance of Cardano (ADA) looks promising, however, one can better understand its future potential by considering the broader market trends and on-chain metrics.


Spearheaded by Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Aptos (APT), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA) and the innovative ScapesMania, the cryptocurrency landscape stands resilient in the face of economic challenges. With its anticipated EIP-4844 upgrade, ETH is poised to potentially outshine Bitcoin through enhancing its own transaction capabilities and market stature; SOL and ADA have demonstrated impressive growth, capitalizing on the bullish momentum in the crypto market; despite a significant token release, APT has remarkably defied market expectations with its price resilience; and the historic bull flag formation of XRP signals potential for substantial upward movement, even though the asset itself remains subject to various market and regulatory dynamics.

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