Square Enix Planning To Drop NFTs For Upcoming Ethereum Game

Square Enix Planning To Drop NFTs For Upcoming Ethereum Game

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The developer behind the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises is preparing to launch its first original Ethereum NFT Game. Now, details about the first NFT mint have also emerged. 

Square Enix has announced the auction dates for its upcoming Symbiogenesis nonfungible tokens (NFTs), with the process set to begin on the 27th of November. 

Symbiogenesis NFT Auction Dates Announced 

According to a post on the 24th of November, the Square Enix team stated that it would be selling the NFTs in three batches. The first batch will be auctioned from the 27th of November to the 28th of November. The auction for the second batch will begin on the 30th of November and continue until the 4th of December. The third and final auction of the NFTs will begin on the 2nd of December and continue until the 3rd of December. Earlier in the month, Square Enix announced a unique approach to the NFT mint, stating it would not hold a public mint for Symbiogenesis. Instead, the developer stated it would be rolling out character NFTs as rewards for fans participating in the game’s official Discord server for two weeks. 

“Starting next week, it’s finally time for the start of the auction! Phase 1: 11/27 12:00 - 11/28 11:59 (JST) Phase 2: 11/30 12:00 - 12/1 11:59 (JST) Phase 3: 12/2 12:00 - 12/3 11:59 (JST).”

The entry campaign began on the 7th of November and concluded on the 21st, with collectors being asked to participate in several quizzes and a treasure hunt that took place within a prototype version of the game. Participants in this campaign earned NFT relics and scored points towards participating in phase 2. The top 50 scores can acquire NFTs in phase 2, and so will 40 random participants from rank 51 to 300. The remaining participants can bid on items in phase 3. 

Square Enix plans to launch 500 character NFTs for Chapter 1 of Symbiogenesis, with 10 characters in the first wave, 90 in the second, and 400 in the third wave. 

The Symbiogenesis Game 

Square Enix, the entity behind the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises, has described Symbiogenesis as a “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment” game, with its launch slated for the 21st of December. The game revolves around characters that are minted as Ethereum NFTs, along with other NFTs minted on the Layer-2 scaling network Polygon. 

Square Enix has created the famed Final Fantasy franchise, which, according to the developer, has sold over 173 million units. The developer launched the Final Fantasy NFT trading cards on the 31st of March and also announced a partnership with Web3 infrastructure provider Elixir in April.

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