OpenSea Pro Goes Live On Polygon And Ethereum

OpenSea Pro Goes Live On Polygon And Ethereum

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The platform has activated cross-chain trading on both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains via the interoperability protocol, Socket. 

The Multichain Vision Realized

In an official statement, OpenSea Pro declared its commitment to the vision of a multichain future. 

The announcement thread on X stated, 

"Wen Multichain? Now. OpenSea Pro just became the go-to destination to buy, sell, and list NFTs across marketplaces AND blockchains!"

The update simplifies cross-chain navigation for users by enabling them to set their chain preferences within a customization modal. This means users can effortlessly switch between multiple chains or even explore both simultaneously. This newfound flexibility in navigating the blockchain landscape is a promising step toward realizing the multichain vision.

Bridging and Swapping Made Easy

OpenSea Pro's integration of the Socket protocol also introduces a novel "bridge & swap" feature that streamlines the process of bridging tokens between different chains and swapping them within a single transaction, simplifying asset management for users.

OpenSea Pro emphasized the importance of this development, stating, 

"Web3’s future is multichain, and we’re taking the first steps to accelerate that vision by aggregating popular NFT marketplaces on Polygon – with more to come."

OpenSea Studio 

Approximately a month ago, the team launched the OpenSea Studio, a platform geared towards simplifying the process for creators to launch and manage NFT projects. This strategic move aims to empower creators by streamlining project management tasks.

In the near future, OpenSea plans to enhance the Studio by introducing new collection pages incorporating various media elements such as videos, images, and text modules. It will also offer features like roadmaps and FAQs, providing creators with a comprehensive toolkit to manage and promote their NFT projects effectively.

Other Recent Updates

Recently, OpenSea Pro introduced the option for private sales, allowing users to create listings tailored for specific wallet addresses without incurring platform fees. These listings can be further customized using cross-collection bundles, providing users with the flexibility to group multiple NFTs into a single listing.

OpenSea Pro's comprehensive support for both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens gives users the freedom to engage in private sales with a wide range of options.

OpenSea’s Impressive Growth

OpenSea Pro's expansion onto Polygon is a significant milestone for a platform that has grown exponentially recently. With 229,000 active traders in the last 30 days, OpenSea is undoubtedly one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world. Moreover, it successfully secured over $425 million in funding through five funding rounds, underlining its standing in the industry.

As the platform paves the way for a multichain future, OpenSea Pro remains committed to improving user experiences and supporting creators on their NFT journeys.

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