Binance highlights how users have achieved success by using crypto

Binance highlights how users have achieved success by using crypto

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Binance has just announced a new campaign that highlights the success that has been achieved by users from around the world, in how they have used crypto to improve their lives.

10 crypto stories

The campaign “Crypto is better with Binance” will showcase ten stories of users who have turned to crypto to change their lives. According to a press release from Binance on the subject, these 10 stories are just examples of the millions of users who “use crypto every day to take control of their finances”.

The stories will come in the form of short films that showcase the “journeys” of Binance users from across regions as diverse as Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

How crypto can help

Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Binance, had the following to say on the stories:

"These diverse stories provide a snapshot of our 165+ million users worldwide, illustrating how they're taking control of their finances. This series is part of our continuous effort to spotlight the use cases that define how Binance products and services support people today. Billions of people are yet to explore this space and content series like this one help amplify the empowering nature of crypto for everyone."

Every Monday and Thursday from 30 November the films will be published on the Binance website under “Events/crypto-is-better”. Each film will be dedicated to the story of a user from one of the regions mentioned above, and will be in the form of each of them telling their story in front of the camera.

The stories should be extremely informative for many potential crypto users across the globe, given that access to finance is often beset with obstacles, especially in those areas of the world where much of the population is underbanked or very often, unbanked.

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