Scroll’s zkEVM Mainnet Goes Live

Scroll’s zkEVM Mainnet Goes Live

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Scroll quietly launched its zkEVM-based Mainnet, offering Ethereum compatibility for developers and achieving a significant milestone in scaling Ethereum's capabilities. 

Scroll Announces Mainnet Launch

Ethereum layer-2 zkEVM protocol Scroll has joined the race to enable cheaper and faster transactions on the largest smart contracts blockchain. On October 17, the protocol team made an announcement on, tweeting, 

“After more than two years of building, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Scroll Mainnet.”

However, blockchain data has revealed that the smart contract went live on October 8 and has been running in stealth since then. The Scroll team delayed the announcement for a week. 

The official announcement of the Scroll Mainnet launch witnessed a significant influx of deposits. According to Dune Analytics, a total of 2,030 ETH has been deposited on the Scroll platform, with the majority arriving within the last 24 hours.

Advanced Ethereum Scaling: The zkEVM Advantage

Scroll introduces Ethereum compatibility on its layer-2 platform, enabling contracts originally written for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to run seamlessly on the Scroll network, powered by zero-knowledge proofs.

Scroll's utilization of zero-knowledge technology and EVM compatibility streamlines the migration of applications from Ethereum to the new zkEVM network. Notably, other layer-2 solutions like Polygon and Matter Labs have their own zkEVM offerings, while Arbitrum and OP Labs' OP Mainnet opt for "optimistic rollups."

Community Building and Experimentation

The Scroll team revealed that they have been working on fostering a community of developers and encouraging them to experiment on the Scroll platform over the last year. Over 100 projects have already been deployed on Scroll's testnets, spanning infrastructure, DeFi, and Web3 gaming ventures. 

These projects collectively boast more than 450,000 smart contract deployments, over 90 million transactions, an average of 305,000 daily transactions, and the generation of over 9 million blocks, accompanied by more than 280,000 ZK proofs.

Prioritizing Security

The protocol is still prioritizing security by extensively testing their platform through three separate testnets, and four independent security firms have conducted thorough audits. Scroll's Co-founder, Haichen Shen, emphasized their holistic approach to security, saying

"Scroll approaches security holistically, maintaining a dedicated internal security team, fully auditing our codebase with numerous audit firms, and remaining open-source, which we have been since day one."

The Unique zkEVM Experience

One distinctive feature setting Scroll apart from other layer-2 protocols is its zkEVM, which offers an experience virtually identical to Ethereum. This makes it effortless for developers to transition their existing Ethereum projects to Scroll with minimal codebase adjustments. 

Sandy Peng, co-founder of Scroll, highlighted their focus, saying

"We focus on enabling developers to build blockchain applications that will anchor web3 in real-world use cases, attracting new users en masse, and moving everyone forward”

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