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Historical Wealth Transfer Could Reshape Retail Trading and Investing - How? Margex Report

Historical Wealth Transfer Could Reshape Retail Trading and Investing - How? Margex Report

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The following 10-20 years represent an era of new opportunities for many retailers. A great amount of financial wealth will be handed over to younger generations, such as Gen Z and Millennials. This shift in wealth transfers will not only affect the economy but will also have a ripple effect on the financial world and investing. 

This wealth transfer could be the largest in human history, with an estimated $82 trillion to be handed over to the younger generation by 2045. This could greatly affect the economy and how trade and investment are approached. 

Many of these young people live in the internet or social media age, and this has affected how they approach investment and trading compared to their predecessors, who are more inclined to stocks, real estate, and bonds. 

Social media, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), and process automation are quickly shaping the thoughts of retailers and Gen Z regarding investments and trading.

Let us find out the effect of the young generation's social aspect, their inclination to the financial market over time, and the influence of artificial intelligence and automation on them when it comes to the financial market and trading. 

Influence of Social Aspect on the Mindset of the Younger Generation about Investing

A clear understanding of the preferences many youths today exhibit are influenced by social media and technology and a blend of diverse personal goals. Despite varying preferences, the young generation is carving out a different part away from past generations, with their inclination more attuned to social media and technology.

Many youths today have a clear view of what investment path they seek, as the aim is to redefine the old ways of wealth accumulation and financial freedom. Their thoughts and understanding of the financial world reveal ambition, scepticism, and a new way of approaching the financial world. 

With the world going digital, many Gen Z are more accustomed to user-friendly or mobile-first experiences as they spend more time on their phones. Their lives haven't been any different, and they have access to different financial platforms that enable trading of cryptocurrency, stocks, and forex. They are drawn to sleek interfaces and lightning-fast functionalities. 

Youngsters are more attracted to high-level technologies, as they help them easily have real-time access to and manage their assets in the financial market, such as forex and cryptocurrency. This preference to be tech-savvy has been a major shift in their investment approach compared to previous generations. 

The Financial Market - an Exit Strategy for Gen Z to Make Tons of Money 

The financial landscape is witnessing a shift in investing and trading driven by tech-savvy Gen Z, who are more open to digital assets such as cryptocurrency and the forex market. Their quest for digital assets is influenced by their social aspect, innovative budgeting strategies, and ability to harness wealth building.  

Data from Policygenius shows that Gen Z's approach to financial markets like cryptocurrency has increased. This technology and investment opportunity has captured the interest of many youths. Despite prevailing challenges, such as high housing costs, many youths have embraced new unconventional technologies to navigate the changing economic world. 

Gen Z has continued to redefine the norm for approaching investment strategies and rewriting the playbook through cryptocurrency, forex, and other financial instruments that will enable them to achieve financial freedom. 

Rise of Automation - Margex Copy Trading 

Automation and the rise of artificial intelligence-powered solutions continue to attract many young generations. These solutions offer endless opportunities for automation and portfolio management with just a few clicks, leading to a more hand-off method of wealth accumulation. 

Gen Z and Millennials are ardent users of social media, which has influenced a big aspect of their trading lives. Many believe in peer-to-peer trading and social validation, which has affected most of their decision-making lives. 

Social trading features that enable users to share insights, trading strategies, and profitability continue to rise as many youth feel more comfortable with social trading and its unique advantages in the financial market. Examples include cryptocurrency copy trading, which continues to be on the rise. 

Copy trading is a new way for retailers and users to automate their trades by replicating the trades of experienced traders. Users have access to view trades, profitability, equity, and strategies of more experienced traders, giving them a good understanding of their investment in the hands of automation. 

This aspect of trading allows users or retailers to explore new trading strategies, diversify their portfolios to reduce risk, maximize asset profitability, and increase their learning curve to more investment opportunities. 

Margex copy trading has played a significant role in copy trading as it provides a platform that focuses on usability and a better intuitive interface, facilitating easy copy trading for professionals and retailers who have no trading experience or have not tried copy trading before. 

Margex Copy Trading Attracts More Retailers Over 90% Profitability Ahead of the Biggest Bullrun

The beaming light on high expectations of the cryptocurrency bullrun cannot be estimated as many investors and analysts, such as Arthur Hayes, in a conference Token2049 held in Singapore, spoke about the 2024 bull run could be the largest ever experienced in the crypto space with many big players and retailers showing much interest. 

Liquidity, new technology, and trading tools such as copy trading have influenced speculations as retailers look for more promising opportunities to make life-changing money by leveraging the crypto market.

Margex's copy trading platform has recorded over 90% profitability in the past few months as retailers explore this new trading tool ahead of the biggest crypto bull run in history.

Margex's focus on enabling copy trading for experienced traders and retailers has been welcomed. The leaderboard above shows its commitment to connecting the best expert traders in the market with retailers or users looking to expand their portfolio strategies and earn rewards from following these traders. 

Many users have commended Margex features such as a zero-fee converter for easy swapping of crypto tokens, a seamless user-friendly interface, and a soon-to-be-included ultra-modern wallet that will enable users to manage their assets in a single platform. 

The following step-by-step method lets users explore Margex copy trading features in 3 simple steps.

1 Setup a Margex Account

Creating an account with Margex gives users endless access to become profitable in copy trading.

2 Follow Retail Money Through Profitable Expert Traders

An account with Margex enables users to follow the pattern many retailers follow to create endless means of accumulating wealth. Margex copy trading leaderboards give all the metric strategies of expert traders to enable retailers and users to make the best investment decisions.

3 Allocate Funds to Automate Copy Trading

Users can create their strategy after following a desired expert trader and allocating a certain amount to trade on the Margex platform. All trades will be automated in real time.  

As low as $10 is the minimum amount Margex requires to participate in copy trading strategies. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 


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