LayerZero and Conflux Partner to Build Blockchain-based SIM Card Ecosystem for APAC Region

LayerZero and Conflux Partner to Build Blockchain-based SIM Card Ecosystem for APAC Region

LayerZero Labs has entered a partnership with Conflux Network to bolster the capabilities of China Telecom's blockchain-based SIM card (BSIM) system. This collaboration will enable BSIM users to access omnichain features, enhancing the functionality and security of their blockchain experience.

The partnership between LayerZero and Conflux is set to significantly enhance the capabilities of China Telecom's BSIM card ecosystem. This collaboration promises to deliver increased functionality and security to users while furthering the adoption of blockchain technology in the APAC region and beyond.

The BSIM card, developed by China Telecom, offers users various blockchain-related functionalities, including secure storage of digital assets and digital identity verification. Through this partnership, BSIM cardholders will gain access to LayerZero's omnichain messaging platform, initially on the Conflux mainnet. This integration will facilitate the transfer of assets and data management across multiple LayerZero-supported blockchains, providing enhanced security against potential threats.

Users will be able to use LayerZero's omnichain messaging platform to transfer assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across LayerZero-integrated chains in the future. This development effectively transforms BSIM cards into versatile omnichain wallets, granting users access to the expanding realms of DeFi, NFTs, and gaming.

Bryan Pellegrino, Co-Founder and CEO of LayerZero Labs, highlighted the significance of this partnership in expanding their global presence, particularly in the APAC region. According to the executive, this integration promises to deliver a world-class omnichain experience to a broader audience.

"[...] the integration of our capabilities into the BSIM technology with Conflux is a key part of bringing the best-in-class omnichain experience we provide to a larger market," Pellegrino said in a press statement shared to CryptoDaily.

Dora Jiang, the Global Business Development Lead at Conflux, expressed enthusiasm for the strategic partnership. She highlighted that their collaborative efforts, which will commence with cross-bridge initiatives and expand to joint developments of BSIM card ecosystems in the coming quarters, is one that "marks the beginning of a new era in delivering an omnichain experience to all users."

According to the press statement shared with CryptoDaily, the rollout of this new build will initially allow users to access new BSIM capabilities for transferring cryptocurrencies from Conflux mainnet (eSpace and Core space) to Ethereum. Future updates will include additional chains and features.

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