Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction: Is Uwerx (WERX) A Better Crypto Investment Than The Them?

Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction: Is Uwerx (WERX) A Better Crypto Investment Than The Them?

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Crypto enthusiasts usually go for cryptocurrencies that have been around for a while because of these coins' proven success in the market. But the story is different with the new project Uwerx, which has traders buying in bulk even though it has yet to launch.

Uwerx is having a successful presale, to the amazement of its developers and the benefit of early investors. Having smashed through its first four stages in less than two months, analysts believe Uwerx will make a better investment than Open Campus (EDU) and Conflux (CFX).

Open Campus (EDU) Sees An Downward Trend

Open Campus (EDU) has reached a wider audience since it partnered with Animoca Brands to launch the Web3 Global Educators Fund. This has translated to an increase in the number of members joining the Open Campus (EDU) community.

Additionally, the project's Publisher NFTs have become a favorite among educators and content creators as it gives them the means to earn revenue for their work.

Despite the increase in Open Campus (EDU) adoption, the project has not risen in price in the last seven days. Open Campus trades at $1.00, representing a -13.84% decrease in the last seven days. Analysts predict it to trade at $2.07 by the first quarter of 2024

Conflux (CFX) Rises In The Last 24hrs

The past 24hrs have been good to Conflux (CFX). The project trades at $0.24, representing a 9.37% increase within 24 hours. Although this current price represents a -23.55% decrease in the last seven days, Conflux (CFX) holders believe this could be the start of the project's bull run.

Conflux (CFX) announced on June 2 via Twitter that it has partnered with Code4arena. This collaboration will provide enhanced security for both ecosystems.

Following the partnership, the Conflux (CFX) team announced on June 6 that they were aware of the recent cross-chain irregularity in their ecosystem. They assured users they had taken preventive action by removing Multichain's co-mint rights. This will ensure the security of user assets. The project also stated that they had not detected any loss, and the ecosystem was functioning as usual.

With more partnerships and improvements, analysts believe the CFX token could increase to $0.31 by the end of this year.

Join The Future Of Decentralized Freelancing With Uwerx (WERX)

According to a 2022 statistic from Velocity Global, at least 36% of the American workforce freelances. This suggests a need to bring new ideas and innovations to the freelance industry. Uwerx is entering the cryptocurrency market as a much-needed innovation that will revolutionalize the gig economy. It will offer unique benefits to freelancers, such as a minimal 1% transaction fee, fast payments, intellectual property rights protection, and more.

Still on presale, Uwerx is already making significant strides and attracting investors' attention. Uwerx is currently valued at $0.05245 in its ongoing fifth presale stage. However, analysts see the project growing exponentially in the coming months. They predict the WERX token to rise above $2.6 by Q4 2024.

Uwerx takes the security of investors' funds seriously. The project has received audits from InterFi Network and SolidProof, ensuring top-tier protection. It also implemented a 25-year lock on developers' liquidity tokens on June 7, 2023.

Additionally, Uwerx released the Alpha version of its platform on May 19, 2023. This version features a Landing page, Sign-up page, Login page, Forgot Password, Hiring Dashboard, Freelancer/Client Initiation, The Initial Step of Job Creation and Initial Step of Finding Talent, My Activity, and Job Creation process pages.

All these features will lead to the rollout of the platform's Beta version, enabling users to test and experience the platform. User feedback is expected and can be sent to the email: [email protected].

The Uwerx Vault is another fantastic feature of Uwerx. Launched in April 2023, this feature allows users to store their WERX tokens for various lengths of time. Users will also earn rewards for using the Vault.

Uwerx's presale will end on July 31, 2023, so investors are advised to take advantage of the current low price to join the community before Uwerx launches into the coin market.

The Uwerx team pays attention to the community's needs and makes adjustments to solve those needs. The developers recently asked the community to vote on a test airdrop. 98.2% of respondents voted in favor of the test airdrop, which the team believes will enable users to verify their receiving wallet addresses. They will also relinquish smart contract ownership of the project, which will take effect once it lists on centralized exchanges.

These moves have increased investors' confidence in the project and have made them believe that Uwerx could be a prominent project in the coin market by the end of this year.

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