Former A16z Execs Raise Funds For New Crypto Startup

Former A16z Execs Raise Funds For New Crypto Startup

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A pair of former executives from Andreessen Horowitz's (a16z) crypto division have successfully secured $25 million in seed funding for their recently unveiled Web3 startup, Bastion. 

Bastion's Mission: Bridging the Web3 Gap

On September 18, Bastion officially launched its product suite with a mission to facilitate the integration of Web3 infrastructure into conventional enterprise technologies. 

Co-founded by former a16z Crypto division Chief Technology Officer Riyaz Faizullabhoy and former Chief Security Officer Nassim Eddequiouaq, Bastion aims to address the challenges faced by traditional companies seeking entry into the decentralized world of Web3, based on blockchain technology.

Bastion's key objectives include maintaining compliance with global regulations while handling custody and wallets, as well as executing digital transactions. However, the Web3 landscape is already dominated by custody solution providers, raising questions about Bastion's potential success in this highly competitive arena.

a16z Crypto's Involvement

Remarkably, Bastion's $25 million seed funding round received significant backing from the founders' former employer, a16z Crypto, indicating a strong vote of confidence in their venture. Arianna Simpson, General Partner at a16z Crypto, emphasized the importance of secure custodial wallet infrastructure for NFTs and tokens in the Web3 space, a need Bastion is striving to fulfill.

Simpson stated, 

"We've long held the view that for Web3 to reach its full potential, the space needs compliant, secure custodial wallet infrastructure for NFTs and tokens. Bastion is building exactly this."

The startup has also received contributions from Nomura Group’s Laser Digital Ventures, Robot Ventures, Aptos Ventures, and Alchemy Ventures for its seed funding round. 

Bolstering Operations and Product Diversity

Bastion plans to utilize the funding to expand its company operations, attract top engineering talent, and secure additional licenses to diversify its product offerings. This investment reflects the belief in Bastion's potential to make a significant impact in the Web3 ecosystem.

Co-founder Faizullabhoy expressed his satisfaction with the successful funding round, even amidst what some consider a crypto winter. He stated, 

"It was clear that even as crypto came back down into another bear market, this time crypto is very much here to stay."

Simplifying Web3 Experience

Co-founder Eddequiouaq underscored Bastion's core objective, stating,

“We founded Bastion to enable businesses to onboard their products and end-users into a Web3 environment without the complicated, overwhelming experience we know today.”

In summary, Bastion's successful seed funding round, led by former colleagues at a16z Crypto, signals a strong commitment to developing secure custodial wallet infrastructure for the Web3 ecosystem. While challenges lie ahead in a competitive landscape, Bastion's founders are determined to simplify the path for businesses entering the world of blockchain-based Web3.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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