Terra Freezes Site After "Phishing" Hack

Terra Freezes Site After "Phishing" Hack

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A phishing site has seized control of the Terra website, leading the site developers to sound the alarm and eventually freeze the website. Now Phishing Site

Over the weekend, the website fell under the control of hackers who were using the site to launch phishing attacks on whatever users were left on the platform. 

Kiruse, an esteemed web3 developer at Terra, took to Twitter to sound the alarm about this phishing site that's masquerading as the authentic Terra website. The site's sinister objective revolves around duping unsuspecting users into divulging their highly sensitive and confidential information.

The domain in question, terra(dot)money, is presently under intense scrutiny due to its alleged involvement in this phishing endeavor. The perpetrators manipulated the website to pilfer sensitive user data, employing tactics that led users to unwittingly reveal their seed phrases, putting both cryptographic keys and funds in severe jeopardy. 

Alerts and Precautions

Terra's response was swift. On August 19, the platform issued a stern warning against engaging with any site under the Terra money domain. This caution was reiterated the very next day, on August 20. Further efforts to bolster safety and security came from Station Wallet on August 21, advising users to steer clear of the Station desktop and mobile apps until their safety can be ensured.

The team has also issued a strict directive for users: rely solely on the official communication channels—namely X (Twitter), Discord, and Telegram. This strategic move is aimed at ensuring that users receive authentic and trustworthy information during this period of uncertainty.

Temporary Shutdown And Road Ahead

In a bid to fend off these phishing scams, the Layer-1 blockchain Terra took the proactive step of temporarily shutting down its website. 

The team released an official statement on X, 

"The terra(dot)money domains have successfully been frozen to prevent further user phishing scams, but a full resolution is still underway. Our team has been working around the clock to rectify this issue, but we’ve encountered delays with some third-party responses.”

Terra is still recovering from the devastating crash of the Terra/LUNA ecosystem last year. The company is desperately attempting to rebuild its reputation by replacing CEO Do Kwon, who was arrested and then released on bail. Furthermore, news of undisclosed wallets containing $160 million worth of digital assets belonging to Do Kwon has not helped his case. It remains to be seen if the Terra team is able to deal with the new phishing attack on top of its existing troubles.

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