Data Warehouse Space and Time Releases AI-Powered Prompt-to-SQL

Data Warehouse Space and Time Releases AI-Powered Prompt-to-SQL

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Space and Time (SxT), the decentralized data warehouse, has released a data query product that harnesses AI. Powered by Open AI’s GPT-4, Prompt-to-SQL allows developers to generate queries using natural language prompts. It’s the latest example of blockchain companies utilizing artificial intelligence, two technologies whose synergies are strong.

The ultimate goal of Space and Time is to make blockchain and off-chain data available to developers on demand, regardless of which network they’re working on. Its Proof of SQL technology enables data to be delivered with cryptographic proof that queries are accurate and tamperproof. Prompt-to-SQL slots into this, making it easier for researchers, analysts, and developers to query data with no coding required.


Decentralized Data on Demand

With Microsoft funding to its name, Space and Time comes with a certain pedigree. Its technology, which makes use of zero-knowledge proofs, is already being provisioned to dapp developers building across multiple chains. The release of Prompt-to-SQL is a major milestone for SxT, not only in enhancing its core product, but in terms of the new user groups it supports.

As SxT CTO Scott Dykstra explains, “AI-powered SQL is a game-changer for businesses that run a lean analytics team. Leveraging OpenAI decreases time-to-value for building data pipelines, analytics dashboards or simply writing SQL.” The Space and Time co-founder highlights the benefit of being able to generate SQL or Python scripts using prompts and to ask natural-language questions about data.


Made for Enterprise

Initial applications for SxT’s tech have primarily been for crypto-native developers creating consumer dapps. The real value of its Proof of SQL system, however, lies in its ability to open blockchain up to enterprises.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language designed for managing data in relational database systems. By making it available within an onchain environment, Space and Time has made blockchain more palatable to enterprises, who can create apps that pull in data from a broad range of sources, not just onchain feeds.

Houston is the name of the chatbot Space and Time has created for fielding data queries. Any time a user enters a prompt, the chatbot will process it and deliver an SQL query. The resultant output can be published to APIs, dashboards and AI/ML models in a single click.

According to ChainML CEO Ron Bodkin, whose company developed Houston, the bot provides “industry-leading AI functionality to users, including technical documentation support, code generation, self-service analytics, research, and seamless navigation powered by a conversational interface.”

Smart developers have long been aware of GPT-4’s ability to help with their homework, providing capable code that can save time and brain power. The ability to plug artificial intelligence into SxT’s Proof of SQL service, however, supports far more sophisticated use cases. By doing little more than entering text prompts, developers can access on- and off-chain data quickly and in a variety of convenient format

AI chatbots are commonly envisaged in the context of providing customer support and helping consumers with low-level tasks such as holiday bookings. With Prompt-to-SQL, Space and Time has shown it’s equally adept at helping tech-savvy users perform more complex tasks.

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