ThunderCore and SushiSwap joined forces for a sustainable DeFi ecosystem

ThunderCore and SushiSwap joined forces for a sustainable DeFi ecosystem

ThunderCore, the leading layer-1 blockchain, and SushiSwap, a pioneer in multi-chain decentralized finance, are excited to announce their partnership aimed at establishing an innovative and sustainable DeFi ecosystem. The collaboration between these two industry leaders brings together ThunderCore's rapid growth and expertise in web3 games and SushiSwap's entrepreneurial spirit, this collaboration creates a powerful synergy to drive the future of decentralized finance.

With a shared vision and aligned goals, SushiSwap and ThunderCore are poised to revolutionize the DeFi landscape. Together, they have developed a cutting-edge fee-boosting model that enhances Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), allowing liquidity providers (LPs) to maximize their earnings within the ThunderCore ecosystem. This breakthrough mechanism ensures a sustainable circulation of liquidity, benefitting both ThunderCore and SushiSwap ecosystems.

Meanwhile, ThunderCore is proud to pioneer the launch of V3 farming in SushiSwap, cementing its position as one of the first chains to implement this groundbreaking feature. Leveraging ThunderCore's low gas fees, the platform is set to attract a diverse range of users eager to participate in liquidity provision. This strategic collaboration between ThunderCore and SushiSwap signifies a paradigm shift in the DeFi landscape, ushering in a new era of collaboration, scalability, and user-centric approaches.

This partnership will bring a suite of innovative Sushi products to ThunderCore, including:

● Sushi v3 AMM: Sushi’s framework for spinning up and interacting with pools of different types with varying fee tiers as well.
● SushiXSwap: Sushi's cross-chain swap tool for quick, trustless swaps between supported chains.
● Onsen: Onsen farms are Sushi’s “double reward” farms that are for either new projects seeking liquidity or for established projects that Sushi is working with closely; these pools payout in two assets instead of one.
● Furo: Sushi’s token-streaming platform built upon BentoBox, which allows for token streaming of any compatible asset to any wallet over any timeframe, along with options to create token vestings and cliffs as well.

The Partnership aims to a sustainable DeFi ecosystem

ThunderCore and SushiSwap share the belief that a novel business model is essential for promoting sustainable growth and driving ongoing innovation in the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem.

Consequently, alongside the deployment of the aforementioned products, it can be predicted that both ThunderCore and SushiSwap are actively working on the development of an innovative revenue-sharing mechanism that aims to disrupt the DeFi space.

Here's a breakdown of how our forthcoming revenue-sharing mechanism will operate:

● ThunderCore and Sushi will use a percentage of fees generated by activity conducted on ThunderCore via SushiSwap.
● Both parties will allocate and distribute these $TT and $SUSHI as rewards to LPs, thereby boosting APRs for everyone.
● ThunderCore will also buy back $TT and incentivize the community for a sustainable ecosystem.

Roger Hsu, CEO of ThunderCore, acknowledges the stifling deadlock in the DeFi market and expresses the intention to create inspiration and break free from this state. The partnership with SushiSwap plays a vital role in achieving this goal, as they work towards establishing a sustainable DeFi ecosystem with improved reward mechanics.

“We are excited to launch on the ThunderCore chain and join the ThunderCore ecosystem to help ThunderCore further cement its ranking as a top 5 blockchain in terms of DAUs.” said Head Chef Jared Grey.

About ThunderCore

ThunderCore is a fast and secure EVM-Compatible layer-1 blockchain founded in Silicon Valley in 2017 to provide a robust infrastructure for DApps and the broader DeFi ecosystem. Its high-performance blockchain offers a breakthrough consensus protocol PaLa, 4,000+ TPS, sub-second confirmation times, and low gas fees.

With over 8 million addresses, 680 million transactions, and 133 million block height on its network, ThunderCore is dedicated to bringing blockchain technology to broad adoption.

About SushiSwap

SushiSwap is a leading decentralized exchange, offering a wide range of DeFi products and services. We’re committed to driving innovation and supporting a diverse ecosystem of blockchain projects. Our community-driven organization aims to solve liquidity issues for the DeFi space, by leveraging network effects and connecting many decentralized markets and instruments.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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