Wakweli Partners With Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG) 

Wakweli Partners With Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG) 


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  • Web 3 certification platform Wakweli partners with Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG). 
  • The partnership aims to boost legal expertise in the Web 3 industry. 
  • Wakweli also announced its new initiative to offer token grants to developers. 


Wakweli, a decentralized NFT certification protocol, announced its partnership with the Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG) aiming to extend the solid legal expertise in the Web 3 ecosystem. In addition, the partnership will also see the BLG group conduct deeper protocol refinements for Wakweli’s proof-of-democracy (PoD) consensus algorithm. 

Wakweli is an NFT certification protocol that aims to improve trust in the decentralized ecosystem by issuing certificates of authenticity for NFTs and other tokenized assets to combat fraud in the growing web3 ecosystem. The Blockchain Lawyers Group consists of a global network of legal professionals and experts experienced in Web 3 and blockchain matters. The group of lawyers offers easy access to competent and qualified legal advice through an NFT membership model. 

The partnership between Wakweli and BLG aims to foster stronger relationships and extend legal knowledge to Web 3 users. As part of the collaboration, BLG lawyers will take part in the validation of the very first certificates offered on Wakweli, helping boost trust in the whole decentralized certification process. Apart from upholding the market integrity of the NFTs and tokenized assets, the partnership also brings Wakweli to the Web 3 map, setting it as a benchmark of trust for the decentralized ecosystem.

"We are excited to partner with such an innovative company as Wakweli, which is trying to solve a preeminent issue in the NFT space,” said Blockchain Lawyers Group Founder and Member Miguel Dinis Lucas. “We are confident that our collaboration will bring new levels of innovation and user-friendliness to the market."

The statement from the Wakweli team labels the latest partnership “significant” as the platform pushes for more competent and qualified legal advice in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. Additionally, it bonds well with its certification protocol and ensures Wakweli users get easy access to legal advice for businesses, digital assets, and protocols they have in the Web 3 ecosystem. 

Following the $1.1 million Wakweli seed funding round in 2022, the company has taken massive strides in pushing for more development in the decentralized industry. The protocol launched its website, whitepaper, roadmap and Alpha release in the course of the past year. 

In the statement released today, Wakweli announced a new funding initiative that calls on Web 3 developers to apply for token grants from its on-chain treasury. It plans to launch a special foundation later this year to manage the initiative.

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