Time Running Out For Investors As $FLUUS Presale Nears End

Time Running Out For Investors As $FLUUS Presale Nears End

Early birds have just under a week to get their hands on one of the most intriguing cryptocurrency tokens that will launch this year. That would be $FLUUS, the native token of the FLUUS crypto payments platform that’s working to democratize decentralized money in some of the world’s most promising developing markets. 

The FLUUS token is currently available to buy on the FantomStarter platform for a hugely discounted price, where its pre-sale runs from now until May 23. 


FLUUS has set itself the noteworthy goal of making Web3 more accessible to millions, and to do that it’s targeting one of the primary challenges faced by many new users to crypto. There are millions of people who still find it difficult to access the world of crypto, simply because they don’t know where to start. Especially in developing markets, many people still don’t understand how to buy and sell crypto, partly because they have no access to traditional banking services. 

FLUUS’s founders understand this problem well, because they all come from developing nations in the Middle East and North Africa. Their upbringing means that not only are they familiar with the challenges people face in getting to grips with crypto, but they’re also fully aware of how crypto can potentially transform those societies by providing access to savings, financial services and investment opportunities. 

To solve the onboarding problem for millions of people, FLUUS’s team has created a unique crypto payments gateway that, for the first time, enables people to buy crypto directly with cash through its partners, as well as a variety of common payment apps. The company’s main app is FLUUS Pay, which is a regulated and compliant crypt on- and off-ramping service that integrates with fintech partners and money transfer networks. Using FLUUS Pay, someone without a bank account can bring their cash to one of its partner’s physical offices and purchase crypto in minutes. Alternatively, they can sell their crypto and receive cash in their hands. 

FLUUS’s second product FLUUS Connect is launching soon. Like FLUUS Pay, its purpose is to ease onboarding, but in this case it’s aimed at application developers who want to integrate simple crypto on- and off-ramps within their own decentralized apps. 

One of the most enticing aspects of FLUUS’s technology is that it’s already proven, with the company demonstrating its capabilities in a private trial involving an NGO that delivers humanitarian aid to Ukraine. That trial saw it off-ramp more than $1 million in crypto donations to charities and aid organizations working in Ukraine that desperately need that money.

Given its potential to impact millions of lives, $FLUUS is likely to be one of the hottest token launches we’ll see this year. Buyers who want early access to the tokens can find it on the FantomStarter platform, a well known crypto launchpad that has previously hosted presales of successful projects like Wingswap and Chirpley. By buying $FLUUS tokens on FantomStarter, early investors are likely getting a very good deal, as the value of new tokens often increases significantly when they’re listed publicly on popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms. $FLUUS will list on multiple exchanges from May 24 onwards.

The $FLUUS token, which is capped at a total supply of one billion, will serve as the main governance token of FLUUS, providing voting rights to holders and serving as collateral for the project’s on- and off-ramping partners. In addition, users will be able to stake $FLUUS and provide capital in liquidity pools for the chance to earn rewards.

FLUUS chose to launch its presale on FantomStarter as a result of user demand, which was illustrated when it received the required 1 million votes to be included on its platform in just two days.  

This is the second opportunity for early investors to acquire $FLUUS tokens. Such was the demand that in its first presale, on AllianceBlock’s Fundrs platform, it sold out within three days of its launch.  

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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