CoinMarketCap To Launch Web3 Reality Show, 'Killer Whale'

CoinMarketCap To Launch Web3 Reality Show, 'Killer Whale'

CoinMarketCap, a premier crypto data tracking platform, has partnered with Web3 entertainment company HELLO Labs and AltCoinDaily to create "Killer Whales," the world's first globally broadcasted Web3 television show.

According to the official media information released, the show aims to entertain and educate a global audience on the intricacies and evolving technology of the Web3 world, catering to the growing interest of billions of Web3 users.

Inspired by the popular series "Shark Tank," contestants on "Killer Whales" will pitch their crypto and NFT projects to a panel of industry expert judges, referred to as "Whales." Participants will strive to receive as many "Swim" votes (notable by a green color) and as few "Sink" votes (notable by a red color) as possible from the judges to top the series leaderboard and be crowned the series winner.

Applications for "Killer Whales" open on May 2nd, with projects from all over the world invited to apply at www.hello.one. Submitted projects will be reviewed by a professional representation of experienced Web3 experts, including partners of the show, security experts, and representatives from HELLO Labs. Selected projects will be invited to participate in the show, which will be filmed in Los Angeles.

To involve the entire Web3 community, "Killer Whales" introduces a way for communities to vote for their favorite projects and NFTs. Once a project has applied, they are encouraged to engage their communities to upvote their project page for a chance at the public-voted "Wildcard" slot on each episode. Users can connect their Web3 wallets at www.hello.one to claim their daily vote and either upvote or downvote their desired project.

Additionally, users holding a minimum of 1,000 $HELLO Tokens within their wallets will be eligible for a daily Super Vote, with each Super Vote counting as ten regular votes. This gives their favorite projects a better chance of being noticed and possibly receiving the much-coveted "Wildcard."

"Killer Whales" is set to begin filming in June and will provide contestants with a platform to bring their vision to life, potentially making a significant impact in the world of cryptocurrency. More information about the show and its developments will be available through social media updates.

As Web3-adjacent television shows like "Killer Whales" gain momentum, they showcase the diverse applications of blockchain technology and attract mass media viewers. While the exposure and publicity can be invaluable for participants, it's crucial to consider the reality behind the deals made on these platforms and how they may change once the cameras stop rolling. "Killer Whales" offers an innovative way to involve the Web3 community and promote exciting projects and ideas in the crypto and NFT space.

Reality TV shows like Shark Tank have become incredibly popular, serving as a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a panel of potential investors in hopes of securing funding. These shows have evolved to cover various industries, with CoinMarketCap now venturing into reality TV with a competition show called "Killer Whale." This contest will focus on Web3 and have participants pitch their crypto and NFT projects to a panel of expert judges, known as "Whales." The partnership between CoinMarketCap and Web3 entertainment firm Hello Labs aims to entertain and educate audiences on the evolving world of Web3.

However, an analysis from Forbes of deals made on Shark Tank reveals that approximately half of the handshake deals made on the show never actually close, and another 15% end up with different terms when the cameras are turned off. This discrepancy could be due to various reasons, such as new information discovered during the due diligence period or entrepreneurs using the show primarily for publicity.

The likelihood of closing a deal varies among the investors, with some being more likely to finalize their handshake deals than others. Despite these inconsistencies, almost every entrepreneur interviewed agrees that appearing on Shark Tank is worth it for the exposure alone. This phenomenon, known as "The Shark Tank Effect," has helped many businesses experience significant growth and success. While the exposure and publicity can be invaluable for participants, it's crucial to consider the reality behind the deals and how they may change once the cameras stop rolling. Here's to hoping that such a format can be better implemented for this future Web3 reality show.

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