As Relaunched Terra (LUNA) Stalls, It is Time to Look at the Uwerx (WERX) Crypto Presale

As Relaunched Terra (LUNA) Stalls, It is Time to Look at the Uwerx (WERX) Crypto Presale

Uwerx is creating waves ahead of its launch. Find out why it has traders dropping Terra and heading towards its presale. Read up on how to be one of these traders and register in the presale to unlock a potentially treasure trove of profits.

Are you one of the millions that invested in the restarted Terra (LUNA) in hopes of making gains? The network and its token haven’t performed up to expectations and you might be frustrated, looking for other avenues.

Why not look at Uwerx, a project that is going to fundamentally change how the freelancing market operates?

Terra (LUNA) Disappointing Many

With a few months left, it will be a year since the original Terra (LUNA) saw one of the worst crashes in crypto history. When Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terra (LUNA) attempted to revive the network by forking and creating a new Terra (LUNA), there were speculations on its rise to former glory.

But so far, it has been disappointing.

The forked Terra (LUNA) network kicked off at around $18 but fell sharply. Today trades at around $2.15. The network has overall failed to attract projects and conjecture by analysts put it at around $3.5 this year - if all things go the right way.

The jump is a decent 63% increase, but this is a likelihood that is based on an extremely positive outlook for Terra (LUNA).

Want the Moon? Check Out Uwerx (WERX)

Terra (LUNA) may not reach the heights expected any time soon. The forked and relaunched network does not carry the market sentiment that the original had pre-fork. For investors, this is a disappointment. Even if it does reach the expected value of 2023, that is just a shadow of its preferred price.

On the other hand, Uwerx is gearing up to make waves in the industry with its WERX token. Primarily aiming for the freelancing industry and planning to bring about a change that individual service providers have been demanding for years, Uwerx has the right characteristics to dominate the market.

Some perks Uwerx will offer to the global freelancer community include an industry shattering set of standards:

Low Charges: Flat 5% in an industry that can charge as high as 20%.
Transparency: All records, transactions, and dealings are recorded on-chain, and visible to all parties.
Copyrights Protection: With all tasks recorded on the blockchain, users can showcase verifiable data on their portfolios.
Payment Release: Payment is released in WERX tokens automatically using smart contracts when a project is completed successfully.
Ownership By Users: Not only will taxes be cut to zero, the developers will hand over the platform to its users.

Apart from these, Uwerx also has a few tricks up its sleeve for its tokenomics. Uwerx is dedicating 12.5% of its 750 million WERX tokens in a 25-year-long liquidity lockup after presale  to give investors surety of sustainability. Topping it off with a code audit even before its launch (by InterFi Network and Solidproof) goes to show the sincerity of the project team.

Uwerx is planning to have its presale with 300 million WERX for early birds at a discounted $0.01 price tag. With forecasts that say WERX may go as high as $3 before the summers are over. This presents a good chance for investors to make some real profits, with the token expected to give nearly 30x returns—much more than Terra (LUNA) might.





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