Bitcoin Debuts in Guinness World Records

Bitcoin Debuts in Guinness World Records

In its latest edition, Guinness World Records included Bitcoin and a number of other blockchain events under the category of “Cryptomania.”

Guinness World Records have come to the crypto party by adding Bitcoin and other blockchain events in its latest record book under a brand-new category called “Cryptomania.” The addition of cryptocurrencies in something as mainstream as Guinness World Records signals that blockchain and digital assets have become one of the subjects most discussed in recent times.

In its latest iteration launched in September, Guinness World Records have added many topics related to cryptocurrencies and digital assets including crypto adoption, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and fan tokens. Bitcoin was included in the 2023 edition as the most valuable crypto with a market capitalization of $816.69 billion as well as being recognised for being the world’s first decentralised cryptocurrency after it launched in early 2009. At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s market cap stood at $372,316,153,554 according to data by CoinMarketCap. Guinness describes this revolutionary technology on its website:  

Bitcoin was developed as a solution to the challenge of regulating a digital currency without any centralized organization, or ‘trusted third party', to oversee transactions.

El Salvador also features in the book as the “first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender” last year. Guinness says:

It was hoped that this move, which was condemned by the World Bank, would reduce the cost of international transfers — an important consideration for a country that is reliant on money sent home by workers overseas.

The publication touches on fan tokens and NFTs, adding CryptoPunks as the “most expensive NFT collectible.” CryptoPunk #5822 was notably purchased for the enormous sum of $23.7 million, or 8,000 Ether in February this year by entrepreneur Deepak Thapliya. Manchester City’s token, which launched via Socios in June last year, won the prize for the “most valuable fan token” with a market capitalisation that reached a peak in March this year, standing at a cool $47.1 million.

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