MMA Fighter Sparks a New Bitcoin Vs Gold Debate

MMA Fighter Sparks a New Bitcoin Vs Gold Debate

Ben Askren, the well-known MMA fighter is also a big fan of crypto as it turns out and has come out of nowhere to ask his some 278k followers a theoretical question involving Bitcoin, Gold and the US treasury bonds.

The American mixed martial artist, nicknamed as ‘Funky’, gave his followers on Twitter a hypothetical, saying:

“Someone gives you a $10,000 that you can’t touch for 10 years, would you rather have the 10k gift in”

The results were quite tight between gold and Bitcoin however, US treasury bonds had no chance of winning this race as they only got 9 percent of the vote. 

64,185 people cast their votes to the poll with 41 percent opting for gold leaving 50 percent of voters choosing Bitcoin

The comment section is just a flooded meme at this point with the top comment being a referenced to Dwight Schrute from the Office and his infamous Schrute bucks (you know the one).

Others had a bit more of a serious conversation in regards to the poll. One user under the Twitter handle @LVormer said:

“Bitcoin, other options are not even viable.

Gold, my 10k might be 11k in 10 years time. Yeah, pass.

Bonds? Really? lol

Bitcoin, look at the charts. Easiest choice ever made.”

Arguing his point, another user said:

“Bitcoin has uses for sure but it is not a very good store of value. Gold and especially bonds are not really sexy or exciting investments but they are very, very stable when compared to crypto. But if you want to put your money on crypto that's fine, I just think it's super risky”. - @PETFlSH

The rise in the price of cryptocurrencies has been often accompanied by an increase of general interest by big institutional investors. At the end of 2017, we saw a lot more people enter the market who probably never even heard of cryptocurrency and get involved with the space. 

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