New Fortnite Battle Royale Game Lets You Earn BTC When you Play

New Fortnite Battle Royale Game Lets You Earn BTC When you Play

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dApp’s may have been the OG’s when it comes to blockchain gaming (commonly misconceived as bitcoin gaming in some circles) but it seems that there’s a new sheriff in town…

Developed by Satoshis Games Studio, Lightnite is the first-ever Bitcoin battle royale game. You may be hearing a few comparisons to Epic Games’ Fortnite but the similarities don’t stop there.

Fortnite who?

Even though it didn’t build up as much hype as the cleverly executed Fortnite Chapter 2 launch, Lightnite is a game that features all the exciting characteristics of a battle royale adventure with an added bitcoin twist. 

Details on the game aren’t exactly clear at the time of writing however, in a Medium post announcing the news, the developers co-creator Federico Spitaleri explains:

“Lightnite is an online multiplayer battle royale game where every specific digital interaction between players triggers a monetary reward or penalty. In simple words, players earn Bitcoin by shooting other players and lose Bitcoin when they get shot.”

So every player in Lightnite will have an in-game bitcoin balance in the shape of a wallet that updates in real-time. With this, they will be able to add up their balance by shooting and ending their enemies (other players).

As reported by CCN:

“The accrued Bitcoin can be used to purchase items in a fashion reminiscent of traditional video game microtransactions. Alternatively, the player can exit the game at any time and deposit their winnings into a regular crypto wallet.”

Taking out Bitcoin

This is a game that will attract a very niche audience, especially given that cryptocurrency isn’t exactly a mainstream entity right now. With this in mind, Satoshi Games Studio has developed a non-bitcoin version in the hope that players will eventually move over to the BTC version and start earning some money!

When first launching the game, players will need to deposit some Bitcoin into the wallet and then they can get going.

The game is set to launch on Steam, the PlayStation Store,, and the studio’s Elixir distribution platform.

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