Craig Wright Gives Speech Discussing Bitcoin SV & Privacy

Craig Wright Gives Speech Discussing Bitcoin SV & Privacy

The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright continues on his quest to convince the rest of the crypto space that he is in fact, the creator of Bitcoin

Wright recently attended the CoinGeek conference in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and spoke on ‘The Power of Bitcoin SV Scaling’.

Hundreds of speakers attended the conference but Wright ‘headlined’ the panel and speculated on new inventions that could be built on top of the dramatic Bitcoin Cash fork now called Satoshi’s Vision (SV).

The host of the conference introduced the controversial computer programmer in a nice way saying:

“I’m going to introduce a man who I really want to be able to just let be himself. A man who I feel that we shouldn’t require to be a myth because requiring him to be that myth is to gloss over what he has achieved as just a man.”

Starting off his talk Wright advocated blockchain developers in how they can design things to be private and more scalable using SV.

Wright then went onto use the platform in order to promote SV as a tool or government-backed currencies. Apparently, you can even implement KYC and AML into your solution.

It is well-known in the space that Wright has long held the idea that bitcoin should be aligned with governments and this talk appears to direct at authorities.

Part of Wright’s speech went like this:

“So we can start releasing them [inventions and patents] so that you guys can build on them. Because well I’ve got enough to do anyway… I don’t want the Google model of things. Too much of a headache. I much prefer doing my little hiding away and scientisty bit and coming up so that you guys can build a big company and eventually have all the headaches of managing people.”

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