Rice Crypto Interviews Max Freeman Of Epic Cash

Rice Crypto Interviews Max Freeman Of Epic Cash

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Quite Possibly the Fairest Crypto Mainnet Launch in History is Imminent.

Chris Rice of the “Rice Crypto” interviews Max Freeman of Epic Cash. Max discusses how this project was born and how it took two years of preparation to bring this privacy blockchain to the world. The name Max Freeman stands for MAXimum FREEdom for MANkind.

The Epic Cash community is waiting patiently as the team prepares for Mainnet. It could be today or tomorrow but the team wants to make this the most fair launch in the history of proof of work coins. Epic Cash has the economics of Bitcoin and uses MimbleWimble and Coinjoin to keep transactions private.

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The recent delay in Mainnet launch was due to the community desiring an Epic Cash Windows Miner. That piece has now been delivered!

Epic Cash: MAXimum FREEdom for MANkind (#Bitcoin 2.0 w/ #Privacy & #Fungibility?)

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