Antonopoulos Gives Warning To Ethereum Community

Antonopoulos Gives Warning To Ethereum Community

Andreas Antonopoulos is the author of two widely known books on the cryptocurrency space and offers advice to developers on the second biggest blockchain in the world, Ethereum.

Antonopoulos wrote both ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ and Mastering Ethereum’ which are now standards for developers learning both protocols and gave a keynote address about the importance of building an ‘unstoppable code’ to the hackers and enthusiasts at ETHDenver in Colorado last week.

Speaking onstage at the keynote he said, “Don’t give yourself the power to stop unstoppable code. Embrace the fact that what we’re doing is important and it requires courage.”

Later in the interview, he gave a warning to the Ethereum community saying “be careful of fragmentation … When things get difficult, people become more insular in their thinking and they start magnifying differences instead of focussing on commonalities.”

Antonopoulos’ words went on to acknowledge the effect of the market's declines in terms of which Etheruem’s main cryptocurrency ETH, has dropped to the $150 region from the $1,100 mark. The author argued that he does expect the slump in the market to add pressure into the continuous online debates.

Antonopolos said:

“The really most extreme maximalism we’ve seen comes at the absolute peak of the bear market or the trough of the bear market when people are feeling very afraid and threatened. When things are easy, it’s easy to get along. When things get hard, that’s when you need to stop and remember the things we share rather than the things that divide us.”

Antonopoulos followed on to call those within the Ethereum community to stand up in future instances in which those propelling the project forward are subjected to undue abuse.

Speaking to CoinDesk, “the bystander effect is very insidious, but it’s also very easy to beat and the way you beat it is by having one courageous person. That’s all it takes.”

In terms of price, Ethereum is priced at $147 at the time of writing following a 1.37 percent increase over the past 24 hours. The market cap for the second largest cryptocurrency is $15,531,802,407.

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