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Buterin Shot Down After Trying To Get ETH Logo On Google Keyboard

Buterin Shot Down After Trying To Get ETH Logo On Google Keyboard
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One of the most significant steps in the recognition and legitimising of cryptocurrency, and specifically Bitcoin, is the recent update by Google with the addition of the symbol of the leading cryptocurrency to their keyboard for iOS mobile devices.

The acceptance of the Bitcoin symbol is a sign that the firm accepts Bitcoin as a legitimate currency. It might seem small but in reality, this is actually a big deal as the act of simply being able to add the Bitcoin icon in a sentence opens the cryptocurrency up to many new possibilities.

Buterin shut down

Ater this move, the co-founder and figurehead for Ethereum approached Google and asked if they would add the Ethereum symbol to their keyboard too. Taking to Twitter, Buterin said: “I would like to discuss with you regarding the possibility to add an ‘ETH’ icon.”

Buterin’s tweet didn’t go without gaining some traction and we can only assume that Buterin didn’t expect to get shut down quite in the way he did as Google responded saying:

“Thank you for your interest regarding our keyboard product. We regretfully have to inform you that Google will not add any other crypto icons to the keyboard besides Bitcoin “because we believe everything else is legally questionable and long-term not viable.”

Clearly a little embarrassed by getting such a lethal rejection from one of the biggest companies in the world, Buterin has since deleted the tweet.

Last year, the co-founder of Ethereum took to Twitter to share a screenshot of what seemed to be a job offer from the search engine giant.

Buterin even put a poll on his Twitter asking his followers if he should abandon Ethereum and join the staff at Google. There were more than two thousand votes overall in the poll and more than fifty percent said that he shouldn’t take the offer.

After the tweet, theories surfaced on Google wanting to recruit the technology genius for the secret crypto project and given his knowledge and young age, it wouldn’t be surprising.

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