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The Celebrities Of XRP, Who’s Who?

The Celebrities Of XRP, Who’s Who?
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Celebrities like cryptocurrency. Though many of them don’t really talk about it in the public sphere, why is this? Well, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it, a public association with a cryptocurrency and a celebrity will no doubt leads to that same celebrity being associated with crime lords, fraud, money laundering, drugs and terrorism. The newspapers would love it. Therefore, it seems sensible for celebrities to keep their crypto investments under wraps. Also, everyone else achieves anonymity through cryptocurrency, so therefore, why can’t celebrities? Either way, we do know of a few celebrities that have spoken openly about Ripple and XRP, or who have had clear associations with the projects in the past. Here’s some of them: Snoop Dogg D, O, double G. The man himself. Though he’s not spoken out about being an XRP investor, Ripple did use Snoop Dogg as a part of their community meet up during the 2018 Consensus Conference. The audience were treated to an intimate performance from Snoop, leading up to the launch of the XRP rebrand. It’s pretty hard to imagine that at this event, Ripple let Snoop walk away without a pocket full of XRP tokens. Even if he’s not really invested directly, we are pretty sure that after Consensus 2018, Snoop will have been gifted some amount of XRP, as well as copious amounts of Gin and Juice. Ashton Kutcher Star of Two and a Half Men, The Butterfly Effect, Dude Where’s My Car and even Family Guy, Ashton Kutcher, is one of XRP’s more vocal investors. Kutcher is an avid investor in tech companies and therefore it didn’t take long for Ripple and XRP to appear on his radar. The full scale of his XRP investment became clear in May 2018 when reports came out that Kutcher had donated $4 million worth of XRP to Ellen DeGeneres in order to fund her wildlife charity. He’s got a lot of XRP stashed somewhere, but I guess he’s got the money to invest right? See our coverage of the Kutcher donation for yourself, here. Ellen DeGeneres Come on, you can’t believe that after recieving a $4 million XRP donation, DeGeneres didn’t purchase some XRP of her own? Other famous names, associated with cryptocurrency (not just XRP specifically) include Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton and Floyd Mayweather, though we don’t see this list as extensive. Actually, we are pretty certain that 75% of A-Listers probably have a Bitcoin or two stashed somewhere.

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