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New Crypto Visa Card Encourages $2m Worth Of XRP Deposits In 12 Hours

A cryptocurrency led Visa Debit Card has very recently made way for the addition of XRP as a currency that can be deposited on the card. The card, created by Wirex is available to those who live within the European Economic Area and thus is available to a very large populus.

Since XRP deposits went live on the Wirex system, the company has seen over $2 million worth of XRP moved onto Wirex cards across Europe, proving that there is indeed a thirst for XRP across Europe.

At present, Wirex have 1.5 million users all of whom contribute to a transaction volume of $1.7 billion.

The cryptocurrency debit card is a novel concept and one which is becoming ever more popular simply because it is a product that can be integrated into our daily lives. According to ICOExaminer:

“Wirex cards are available as both so-called ‘virtual’ cards  – which can be used from either a traditional desktop or smartphone app – as well as a physical card. The company is currently working on an upgrade of the physical card’s facilities to accommodate contactless payments.”

See the full article for yourself, here.

Importantly, like many of its competitors, Wirex use sophisticated security measures to ensure that the physical cards are as secure as they can be as ultimately, it can be quite easy to steal a card or the information from a card, therefore, security measures need to be up to scratch.

According to Wirex:

“[The card and Wirex wallet is] fully secured by Multi-Sig technology, SSL encryption and 2-Factor Authentication, your Wirex bitcoin wallet is available on desktop and mobile giving you flexible access to comprehensive cryptocurrency management.”

You can see more from Wirex, here.

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