Cryptocurrency News Broadcasting Gets A Huge Boost With Sky News Addition

Cryptocurrency News Broadcasting Gets A Huge Boost With Sky News Addition

At the moment, you probably get your cryptocurrency news through the internet. Since you’re reading this, I guess some of it comes from here,, but perhaps you use other mainstream finance sources too, like Bloomberg and Business Insider. You might also use apps, that take feeds from news websites and bring them right to your fingertips. The chances are though, you don’t have a dedicate cryptocurrency outlet on mainstream television, there’s an obvious reason for this, but things are about to change, suggesting that the industry is about to see a huge shift towards the mainstream. According to reports, Coincast TV, a new crypto news platform, is about to join a viewer base of 200 million viewers, gaining a spot on Sky News Business. Coincast TV will be a short bulletin designed to offer news and information about various different blockchain services. Like with traditional finance bulletins, Coincast TV will focus on market patterns and trend analysis and will also discuss more generic news and journalism, designed to give the community a new type of access to crypto news, values and the things that matter to them. According to AMEinfo, the CEO of DigitalX, the team behind Coincast TV has said:

“Coincast TV will be a half-hour, weekly Blockchain news program, featuring sponsored news content from Blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses around the world. The Coincast TV program is launching off the back of the success we’ve seen from our existing Blockchain-media platforms, and the positive response we’ve had from our global audience.”

The programme will be available on Sky News Business Australia first of all, and will be broadcast at 7:30PM (EST) every Friday evening and will then be repeated over the weekend. Furthermore, according to AMEinfo:

“The creators of the show stated that they intend to help millions of viewers around the world to become aware of all the potential that the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have in the market in a more in-depth way. As most of the world does not know how to use the blockchain technology or what is actually is, the central idea is that the public can be educated via the show.”

See the full article for yourself, here. This is an exciting development for cryptocurrency adoption and moreover, provides a great platform for the sharing of blockchain knowledge outside of the shady internet forums that seem to dominate the industry. By reaching the mainstream financial customer base, Coincast TV could very well become a central hub for crypto news worldwide. We expect this to grow outside of Australia, into the many countries in which Sky News currently operates. Finally, we should also consider how other rival news outlets will respond to this. In order to keep up with the trend, they too will need to start covering crypto on a more regular basis.  

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