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Two And A Half Ripple, Which Hollywood Star Is Backing XRP?

Two And A Half Ripple, Which Hollywood Star Is Backing XRP?
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Charlie Sheen? Jon Cryer? Angus T Jones? Holland Taylor? Nope, none of the above. If you’re a fan of the original runs of Two and a Half Men, and exclude the latter series from your memory, you’ll be surprised to know that Ashton Kutcher now plays a starring role in the US sitcom - Two and a Half Men. You’ll also be surprised to know that Kutcher is investing in XRP. Star of The Butterfly Effect and the less than critically acclaimed, Dude, Where’s My Car?, Ashton Kutcher has reportedly just donated $4 Million worth of XRP to US TV host, Ellen DeGeneres, owner of a wildlife charity. The reports claim that Kutcher has made the donation to assist DeGeneres’ charity with a Gorilla conservation project. According to Bitrazzi:
“On Wednesday morning, Ashton Kutcher had a surprise for Ellen DeGeneres. The renowned actor, together with business partner Guy Oseary, were at Ellen DeGeneres’ show to announce a huge donation to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. The 40 year old actor, together with his partner, announced that they are donating $4 million to help the conservation of gorillas in the world. The donation was in the form of XRP, Ripple’s scalable digital asset which allows for real-time global payments from anywhere in the world.”
See the full Bitrazzi article for yourself, here- This is quite a hefty donation and goes to show just how useful cryptocurrencies like XRP can be. Moreover, the real take home message here is that XRP must be something Kutcher is well and truly behind. One could assume Kutcher does hold a significant amount of XRP, given that he seems to have found a spare $4 Million worth to give away. Very kindly at that. If Ripple haven't yet approached Kutcher for some official celebrity endorsement, they probably should. This industry isn’t new for Kutcher, in 2012 it was reported that Kutcher was dabbling in venture capitalism, as a strong believer in new technologies, Kutcher does like to place investment into new ideas, clearly Ripple XRP is one which he finds extremely attractive. Other previous well documented examples of Kutcher’s investments include Skype, Airbnb and Foursquare. The New York times have even referred to him as “The Actor who knows startups”. Now, with Kutcher certainly on the Ripple radar, maybe we will see some further developments from this story, or, maybe this is just an example of one person's kind generosity? Featured Image Original Source: Wikipedia Commons

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