Docademic To Rival Ripple As MedicalCurrency

Docademic To Rival Ripple As MedicalCurrency
Docademic (MTC) is partnering with medical Professionals and thus has caught the attention of the father of cyber security - John McAfee. McAfee was featured on the new syndicated TV show, Exploring The Block, taking about how MTC could very well change the world. Utility of MTC The MEDICAL TOKEN CURRENCY (MTC), is the mean to interact with the blockchain enabled healthcare platform currently under development by Docademic. It allows the interested parties to interchange valuable data between them in exchange of a token that is used to acquire services or products. It encourages the use of the blockchain as a trustful repository for health-related information and motivates the common user to exchange their data for benefits provided by third parties. This is similar to how Ripple (XRP) acts as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network for financial transactions. Docademic (MTC) is the future of digital payment for medical transactions. Users of the free telemedicine app receive value in exchange for the token they possess. Hospitals, doctors, governments, pharmaceutics and patients from all over the world will be able to interact with each other, exchanging data, services and products with the help of MTC as the medium to exchange the value of their assets. Additionally, MTC is tradable on popular trading platforms allowing its owners to swap the token for the currency of their choice. According to Docacademic:
“For the past few months we’ve been working on a variety of technical and logistical developments for Docacademic. First we have added MTC functionality to our Medical assistance app. This is a significant milestone since it represents the beginning of our MTC cryptocurrency ecosystem that will only grow over time and contributes to the scalability of free basic healthcare for the world as well as the data that will lead to the public universal healthcare Blockchain that we are building.”
Today the MTC ecosystem is officially ready to be launched. The MTC is held in a wallet within the app that displays your MTC balance as well as an optional ETH balance. Either MTC accumulates in your wallet by keeping up with your health and using the Docademic app or by purchasing MTC elsewhere. The Marketplace team will be adding more and more products and services to the Docacademic marketplace as time goes on. All the products and services payable with MTC at discount prices, rather than paying with local fiat currencies. Finally the app is now programmed to provide geofenced service in the United States, this means that users in California will be talking to doctors licensed in California. Lawyers at Foley Lardner are finalizing the legal aspects of the service and will be initiating service after the the 4th of July. A team of Doctors is now ready to work at an office in Beverly Hills. Furthermore, according to Docacademic:
"We contemplated launching the app today but made the decision to launch after the legal team finishes and we pass the 4th of July celebrations since it was preferred by our US Doctors our “US Medical Heroes.” We are very happy to be launching in the US and this will be a strong signal to the world of the benefits of the combination of technologies and how cryptocurrency economies can be used to create new innovative and transformative business models. We will be saving many lives like we have been already for 2 years in more than 20 countries in Latin America. This time it will be even better with the integration of the marketplace and Token economy. Thank you all for being here and supporting our vision. It’s a privilege for all of us to be doing this work for humanity and be living this historic time.”
MTC is soon to see listings on a number of popular exchanges, including; Yobit , TopBTC , SistemKoin , QBTC, Stocks.Exchange and IDEX! Disclaimer Nothing in this article constitutes investment advice or advocates buying any tokens. Please review their case purely on merit and proceed only if you are convinced or interested. Also, I do not encourage folks from USA, China etc. to invest in an ICO unless they speak to their lawyers. I only support genuine good people doing great in Blockchain innovation. Disclosure Author is advisor, MTC holding and equity holder in Docademic.
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