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James Sowers

Why the recent move? Many have speculated, including the author, that the futures market has been given a seal of approval by Bitcoin which has caused a parabolic rise in price.

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Docademic To Rival Ripple As MedicalCurrency

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SEC Chairman Warns Lawyers Stop Circumventing Laws

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DOCADEMIC The future of medicine

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MCash wins the "Challenge" on ICO box!

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Will XBT futures trigger a collapse or a parabolic rise?

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Blockchain university

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Is Bitcoin tulip Mania for the digital age?

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Is a bitcoin flash crash coming in 2018?

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Decentralized Crypto-economy is a New Paradigm

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Control your Data with Nuggets

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The Next Evolution of Crypto Assets

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Will a large an unintended Hard fork disrupt the Ico as we know it?

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What if the entire concept of purchasing power is made up?

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The possible future of the token economy

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The holy trinity of tech will lead us to the age of singularity!