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This Is How Much Ripple XRP Could Rise In The Next Bull Run

This Is How Much Ripple XRP Could Rise In The Next Bull Run
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The slump affecting the crypto market continues, and Ripple’s flagship product XRP is not immune. The third-biggest coin based on market capitalisation is currently hovering around the $0.46 to $0.48 mark, down from $0.53 last week and 80% below its January 4 peak of $3.31. But change is inevitable, and what can we expect when the next bull run hits? Well, a good starting point would be to look at the historical trends of Bitcoin, the benchmark against which all other cryptos are considered. Say we take the previous four bull trends beginning in 2011 (4,167%, 1,900%, 804% and 1,804%) and use their average to predict the next one: we would arrive at a prediction of a 2,190.25% increase in value. So what does this mean for Ripple XRP? We’ve seen over the past few years that all the major cryptos tend to follow the same trends both up and down, so if we apply this prediction to Ripple XRP at a value of $0.48, it would signify the crypto surging to an all-time high of $10.51. But wait, there’s more! While the figures so far have been based on speculation (as crypto prices generally are), Ripple XRP is gaining more and more traction in terms of real-world usage. The company is already partnered with the biggest banks in India and Brazil, as well as the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. If this trend of high-profile partnerships continues, we could see Ripple XRP becoming an increasingly integral part of cross-border payment flows. The coin is already the most-used crypto in enterprise. This real-world practicality, combined with its growing public profile as people begin to look beyond the usual heavyweights Bitcoin and Ethereum, might just see Ripple XRP outpace Bitcoin when the next bull run arrives. That $10.51 estimate could end up being more conservative than we realise.

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